Full disclosure: I am a direct response copywriter. While this article may appear to be self-serving, I assure that is not the spirit in which I wrote it. Please decide for yourself.

There’s a question I get from time to time and it always makes me smile.


Because it demonstrates a fundamental lack of understanding many business owners and marketers have about the value a copywriter offers.

It’s not their fault. Unlike having a website designed or creating a Facebook page, understanding what benefits are offered by copywriting – effective, direct response copywriting , that is – can be far less obvious.

Direct response copy is copy that is structured to compel the reader to take a specific action.

Ok, so here’s the question: ‘How much does it cost?’

Bad copywriting is ALWAYS very expensive. So, let’s get that out of the way.

When you buy a car, clothing, go on a vacation or generally exchange your hard earned cash for goods and some services like dry cleaning or dog walking, it makes sense to ask the price or cost.

Why? Because these are straightforward “you pay this and you get this” types of transactions.

When someone calls me up and opens the conversation by asking me how much my services cost, I almost immediately know he or she doesn’t fit my ideal target client profile.


Because my ideal client has already enjoyed some level of success. They have a certain level of sales and marketing sophistication. Not the snobby kind but the kind that comes from experience.

They understand and appreciate the value of hiring a professional who has experience and skills they do not.

And they also know a direct response copywriter can’t possibly answer a pricing question until he/she learns more about what their sales objectives are.

On my website, I include my Copywriting Fees which are there to give potential clients a feel for what I charge for my services.

But here’s the truth of the matter: Whatever you pay a direct response copywriter who knows how to get results should never be a cost.

It is truly an investment. When you hire a competent copywriter, you will almost always get your original investment back very quickly and continue to enjoy the ongoing benefit of having that direct response copy make the cash register ring again and again.

Here’s is some recent, actual feedback from a couple of clients two weeks after they implemented my recommendations:

“We just got a project from a practice in California! It’s working! And, I wanted to let you know we had over 50 downloads of the insiders guide over the weekend and they just keep coming in! Thank you.” This comment was based on the impact of a free report offer I created for my client along with a rework of some of her web copy.

And there’s this…”I don’t know what we’ve done but my newsletter sign ups have probably tripled.” Comment after some work I did on this particular client’s newsletter offer.

[Note: Due to privacy concerns, I have not included the names of these clients but I am confident neither would have an issue with be identified if the necessity arose.]

As you can imagine, neither of the clients above have any trouble viewing copywriting services as an investment – one that will keep on working for them.

While no professional copywriter can guarantee results – even the best of the best have their misses – most, including myself, are confident that when you start using web copy and email copy that follows proven, response getting techniques, the results will come – often immediately.

So, here we are through the first quarter of 2015. Ask yourself…are your sales results where you want them to be? If not, consider taking advantage of this special offer:

My Website Sales Booster service is designed for business owners who want to jumpstart their sales. Check out what you get here. I will offer a 15% discount off this service if you sign on no later than April 10. And it comes with a 100% Unconditional Money Back guarantee. The risk is all mine.

Make an investment now that will pay off the rest of the year.

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