Why Do I Struggle So Much With My Website? For many business owners, deep down, they KNOW their website is costing them money. LOTS of it! I’m not talking about hosting fees or charges the “web guy” hits you with once you finally track him down and get him to do the work. I’m talking about the big money lost because of missed opportunity. Having web visitors click on and click off a site because there isn’t any compelling reason to stay. One of the biggest reasons so many marketers lose out is that they try to write their own web copy. I guess many figure that they can do it. They would NEVER consider learning how to actually create their own website because that involves knowledge and technical know-how. But writing? Anyone can do that. Can’t they? Well, anyone can write. And, in fact, business owners CAN teach themselves to write persuasive copy. But it takes work and study and practice. For some misguided reason, many marketers simply don’t understand that their copy – whether it’s web copy, emails or sales letters – will likely be the most important factor in online success. Very few understand this. And I know because I work with web designers who tell me all the time how hard it is to get content from clients to populate the websites they design. In fact, some business owners actually think the content is included in the web design service! You can’t make that stuff up. It always amazes me that business owners will often invest way more than they have to to get a website designed but when it comes to the actual content itself they come up short. A website SHOULD be a marketer’s most cost-effective sales weapon. Sadly, for many, this isn’t the case. Having a great looking website without GREAT content written to get results is like putting someone who has no sales skills in a $2000 Armani suit and expecting him to get results. Not gonna happen. Until business owners start to respect the fact that, without copy (read “content”) that employs proven, timeless sales and marketing structure, they’re going nowhere.

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