Facebook. Twitter. Linked In. Pinterest.

New day? No biggee. Here’s another wave of social media “stuff” to overwhelm you. Klout. Hootsuite. Cyfe. TweetReach.

HootTweetFace. (made that one up but it’ll probably be here by the end of next week!)

Social media is like a merry-go-round that just seems to keep speeding up every time you muster up a bit of courage to try to get on.

Well, let’s try a different approach. Instead of getting all bent out of shape and feeling overwhelmed because you think you’re the only one who feels this way, give yourself permission to STOP.

Seriously, STOP. Take a breath. You got this far. And you WILL take control of social media the same way you do everything else.


No one’s timing you to see how fast you can get a Facebook fan page up and running. (good thing too, based on my experience!) Last time I checked, I didn’t see anyone handing out gold medals for most Tweets in a week. The LinkedIn Best Profile Picture Awards? Not that I know of.

Yes, social media IS here to stay. And yes, social media WILL really help you connect with your prospects and customers and most importantly, build a profitable business so you can live the life you want.

But don’t think for a second that all the people parading around in Social Media Guru costumes have it all figured out.

Not a chance. And, if you and I had a dollar for every coach and consultant that became a social media expert overnight, we could probably fly to Sydney, Australia and back. Twice.

So, the first thing to do, is understand there are plenty of us out here right beside you who are experiencing some sort of social media overwhelm as we build a social media strategy that works for us.

And that`s another thing.

Just because someone you know has three blog posts up and running before you`ve had your Cheerios doesn`t mean you have to. They may be deeper into their social media education. They could have an assistant. Whatever. You do what YOU can do while you`re getting your wings.

Are there some some social media thought leaders? You bet. And you should get to know them and read what they have to say. At a pace that you feel comfortable with.

Just keep doing “the next thing” as you build your social media understanding and you’ll be surprised how fast you find yourself in the game.

You CAN tame the social media octopus. You just need to start taking a look at which social media marketing tools are right for you and then start building them into your marketing strategy – one step at a time.

As a non-social media marketing expert who is learning, I’d say you probably want Facebook and Twitter to be in there. And then, build out from there.

The key is to keep moving forward and put what you learn into practice.

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