Today’s lesson comes from my hands-down, “go-to” mentor, Dan Kennedy.

One of the tenets of Dan’s NO B.S. approach to marketing is outrageous advertising.

It’s build upon this premise: It’s not the education and/or information you provide that will sell your products and services. It’s your personality, your storytelling and your ability to set your message apart from the mundane and generic stuff that surrounds it.

Or, as I call it, the Sea of Beige.

What REALLY Sells Your Products and Services

One of my fellow GKIC members, Gerry Oginski, applied THIS philosophy to sell his watch on eBay.

Think about your own business as you read about Gerry’s approach.

Gerry realized he was entering a media (eBay) where there were hundreds of watches for sale and if he wanted to sell his quickly and get top dollar for it, he needed to make sure he stood out from the crowd.

So what did he do? He TOLD A STORY and the story of his “well traveled” watch was born.

He turned his watch into a character – with a life, a history, a family and emotions. Those emotions helped him connect with his reader and separated him from every other watch listed on eBay.

Decide for yourself and most importantly, think about how YOU could do this with YOUR product or service.

He starts by creating a character.

“Let me tell you about my exciting life. I was born in a factory in Switerland and I started life on 47th Street in the jewelry district of Manhattan with this really cool guy when he bought me for a great price and promised to take good care of me. I didn’t know what to expect but I was always reliable, rugged and quite handsome, if I say so myself. I’m so lucky and have been blessed to have such a wonderful owner. I have travelled the world with my owner to really cool places such as St. Maarten, California, Las Vegas, Denver, Texas, New Orleans, Sanibel Island, St. Thomas and many other places.”

Now, read how he runs features into benefits.

Instead of just listing the features of his watch such as being light-weight and comfortable, battery powered and water resistant up to 300 metres, read how he turns those features into benefits while, at the same time, overcoming some objections.

“I have the privilege of being a midsize watch. Unlike my handsome brother, a full-size version who is so much bigger and heavier than I am, I am lightweight and really comfortable to wear all day…and…as you know, I was born for water. I was born to dive. I can go down to 300 metres without a problem.”

Then, Gerry lets the reader know who he is looking for as a prospective buyer.

Most marketers try to stand for and be for everyone. But if you can spell out exactly who you are looking for and who you aren’t, you will attract your ideal customers – the ideal customers who will pay your prices because they VALUE you.

“I’m looking for an owner who takes pride in his watches. I need an owner who cares about his watches and will proudly wear me on a regular basis. I require no feeding or maintenance other than a change of battery and water testing every few years…and…I only want to be with a serious watch lover. I don’t want someone who just sees me as a shiny new object, wears me for a few months and then puts me in a drawer, never again to see the light of day. I need to be worn. I need to be shown off.”

There’s more to the ad but I think you can see how any anyone looking for a watch would be drawn to this approach.

Being outrageous simply means showing up like no one else is.

How can YOU be outrageous?

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