Many marketers struggle to move qualified prospects through their online selling process to the point where the prospect eventually hits the “BUY” button.

They invest in SEO, paid traffic and a host of other things to attract their ideal target prospects to their website only to be frustrated because so few of them end up buying. 

Although there could be many reasons for this, there’s one thing that can stop the process COLD before it even gets started:

Too many marketers don’t include enough information so that potential buyers are equipped to take the next step in the selling process. 

Think about it…unlike face-to-face selling, you don’t have the tremendous advantage of being there when a prospect arrives on your site.

You can’t read body language. You can’t address objections as they come up. Or  answer questions.

When you’re selling online, addressing these issues is critical.

Any unanswered question or unaddressed objection, can stop a potential sales dead. 

Make a note…a confused mind always says NO.

Just think of your own buying habits. What do you do the minute you can’t get a question answered or an objection addressed?

You’re outta there. And, on to another service provider who knows how important this is. 

The poor marketer who doesn’t understand this is essentially steering a sales opportunity right into the clutches of a competitor! 

While you won’t be able to do much about getting selling cues from the prospect’s body language, you certainly can anticipate questions and objections.

And the content on your website needs to provide your prospects with enough information so they will continue the selling conversation.

That STARTS with what makes you different.

What Every Website Visitor Wants To Know

Your prospect arrives on your website with one question: “Why should I pick you to solve my problem or address my need?”

It’s important to keep in mind…your prospect has probably visited 6 or 7 of your competitors before they even get to your site. 

They KNOW the thing that will solve their problem. 

They want to know WHY they should buy from you!

And you better have an answer that explains what makes you the best choice.

So, that’s #1…give your prospect a reason to stick around.

Now, on to the questions and objections…

Keep The Momentum Going

When prospects read your web copy, they need to FEEL how your product or service can change their lives.

As a marketer, you have to anticipate the questions and potential objections your prospect may have concerning your service or product and be sure you address them in your web copy. 

Something seems to happen when marketers tell their selling story online. I see it time and time again.

In a face-to-face selling situation, it’s unlikely an entrepreneur or business owner anyone would sit down with a prospect and begin the conversation with:

I know you’re here to solve a problem or fulfill a need. That’s great…but before you go a step further...I’m not going to answer any questions beyond the basics.

You’ll have to figure out WHY you should buy from me. Forget pushing me to tell you WHY we’re a better choice than our competitors. I know why, but that’s our secret. Don’t expect me to be concerned with your emotional needs. I don’t really care WHY you want my product or service.

Feel free to look at our graphics and skip through the usual blah blah you see everywhere else like, ‘we’re #1’, ‘award-winning’ and ‘best in class.’  

Now, before you start thinking ‘that sounds ridiculous’, you MAY want to take a critical look at YOUR website.

Give Prospects ALL The Information They Need

A huge number of marketings are losing sales because their website selling story…

lacks adequate information prospects can use to understand the value the marketer offers. (Many site owners have fallen for the “no one reads copy” lie the “gurus” keep flogging.) 

features an About Us page that could practically be cut and pasted from any competitor website. (this is probably the second most visited web page prospect go to)

makes no attempt to develop any trust or credibility with the reader. (Many marketers don’t even show a physical address.) 

Look at your website. If you were a potential customer arriving for the first time, would YOU consider buying from you?

Is there enough information on your site to move a prospect through to the next step in your selling process?

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If you want visitors to your website to make a buying decision, you need to give them enough information that identifies the value you offer and answers ALL their questions and addresses ALL their objections.

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