Ok. You’ve finally decided you want your website to start generating sales leads.

No more having it “sit there” doing absolutely nothing to help you attract new customers or clients.

Here’s the exact approach I use with clients to get results –FAST!

1. The first thing I do is check out your existing site. Usually I can see immediately what some of the issues are. Often, these are quick fixes.

2. Then, I would ask you who you see as your ideal client target. An ideal client or customer appreciates you, needs what you have to offer and pays you. Often, the relationship is a fun experience. I would ask you what their concerns and pain points. In short, I want to know WHY they need you. If you don’t know who your ideal target client is, I work with you to develop it.

3. Next, I would ask, what sets you apart from your competitors. If you aren’t sure, we would spend some time identifying what differentiates you from your competitors. Sometimes, you’re too close to put your finger on it. You need an outsider’s perspective. This is the foundation for your marketing message. It makes all your marketing MUCH easier. Until Steps #2 & 3 are complete, going to Step 4 is a total crapshoot.

4. From there, based on a clear understanding of who you want to target, I would create a benefit headline aimed at providing a solution to your prospect’s main problem. EVERY home page or landing page should have a headline. Why? Because that’s what your ideal client uses to decide whether or not to keep reading your copy.

This is a shocker to many clients who don’t realize you have to use sales copy in your marketing. The we do this and that approach is totally ineffective. Why? Your prospect is lazy. He wants to know immediately why he should spend any of his precious time on your site. The headline’s ONLY job is to get your prospect to read the next line of your copy. Million dollar tip: Very few prospects will move deeper into your site UNLESS a headline strongly implies it will be worth the time and effort.
5. Then, I would inject emotion in the first few lines of copy to make the prospect “feel” how their problem – the reason they’re seeking you out – affects them. Chances are, when your prospects arrive at your site, they are not in an emotional state. Without that, it’s unlikely a sale will be made because they are not ‘engaged”. You need them to “go there” and feel the pain their problem is causing. Then, they are receptive to your message.

6. Once the emotion tap is turned on, I would then use logic in the body copy – all the rational reasons should consider your services – to back up the emotional involvement created in the first part of the copy. This is what many marketers lead with. BIG mistake. The prospect isn’t ready. Another tip: the prospect uses this section of the copy to rationalize their emotional buying decision. It satisfies his “this is why my buying decision makes sense” need.

7. Then, I would create and include a compelling call to action (CTA). This is where you ask the prospect to take the next step in your selling process. Often, I would recommend to a client that we create and use a sales lead generation tool like a free report or course or a free consultation – something that makes it easy for the prospect to take action. This is sometimes referred to as an “ethical bribe”. In short, you are giving to get. Absolutely necessary in today’s marketing environment.

So, there you have it – a blueprint you can use immediately to generate more sales leads.

Writing strong copy is important. Sometimes, “so so” copy will get the job done.

What’s absolutely critical is the structure outlined above.

Get attention. Get your prospect emotional involved. Provide evidence you can deliver. Spell out for the prospect what you want him to do next.

Following this formula will virtually guarantee you convert more prospects into paying customers.

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