The Exit Pop-Up: Your Secret Weapon To Higher Conversions

We’ve all seen them.

Exit pop-ups.

Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, one thing is undeniable:

You can’t help noticing them.

And when done right, they can be dynamite when it comes to converting web visitors into subscribers and, even better, customers.

An exit pop-up appears when your visitor signals her intention to close or leave the browser tab (your website). The idea is to get her to stop for a few seconds and read your pop-up to see what you want to tell her.

It’s true that these pop-ups can be annoying which is why you have to carefully craft your message and give readers to good reason to take action.

So, let’s take a look at ways to use an exit pop up so you can reach your sales and marketing goals faster.

1. Find out why your visitors leave your site without buying or subscribing.

Could be the information on your website was irrelevant. Maybe they didn’t find the product or service they were looking for. Perhaps your pricing was too expensive. They might have been distracted.

The list can go from here. Bottom line: Understanding customer behaviour is critical to effective marketing. Once they click away, they probably won’t be back. Why not find out at the moment of truth – when they are on your website – their reason for not taking action? ! Don’t let them go away as simple as that!

2. Add more subscribers to your list

Okay, so you have a subscriber box on your site for your newsletter subscription. Guess what? Your reader may have seen that when she FIRST ARRIVED on your site. But then, she got distracted by other stuff. Like Alec Baldwin said in Glengarry Glen Ross, “always be closing” – even when what you’re offering is free.

3. Offer a discount with their first order

Who doesn’t love a deal? Surprise and delight first time customers.  This is an offer they will appreciate – and respond to! It can spur them to action at that moment.

There are so many ways you can use an exit pop up.

The three listed above are the most common ways marketers leverage the the selling power of the Exit Pop Up. 

Here are some others:

  • Announce a big contest on your website;
  • Make a pre-sell;
  • Invite your visitors to a webinar/event;
  • Present some promotions;
  • Recommend some of your products.

Try it and see what happens.

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