What some of my clients say…

“We were struggling with making our marketing messages more compelling and less lame until we met Gerry.  His persuasive copy helped us perfect the type of pitches that connected with our audience, converting website scrollers into hot leads.  Our landing page conversion rate has increased by over 28% and we’re seeing sales results we had never imagined possible. Always fun to work with, we’re excited to see what Gerry will do for us next!” – Lisa Borg, VP Marketing Life Clinics

“We are now averaging 5-10 qualified leads per day based on the web copy you wrote for our site. It’s unbelievable. We were hardly getting any before.” – Elizabeth Gomes, Yonge-Eglinton Laser Eye Centre

“I wanted to let you know we had over 50 downloads of the insiders guide over the weekend and they just keep coming in! We just got a project from a practice in Cali! It’s working!”

– Susan Milne, Epiphany Studios

“I don’t know what you’ve done but my newsletter sign ups have probably tripled!” – Mark Mitchell, Wizard Strategies

“Gerry has this ability to turn your website wording, copy or direct email marketing from blah to fabulous. He knows and understands how people are responding to emails and websites to get you the attention you are looking for. He changed my wording from boring into something that engages the customer from the first word.” – Laurie Ann Murabito, Leadership Keynote Speaker

“So far, the response from the sales letter you wrote has been 12.06% – that’s 25% over our projection!” – John Andresen, Wyers Direct

“I hired Gerry to change the content on my company’s website www.mdz.ca and I am very pleased with his work and ideas. Gerry has shown me that he knows his stuff and you can not go wrong with him. Hire him.” – Manny Zarate, President & CEO, MDZ.ca

“Gerry’s ability to delve into the heart of his clients’ marketing needs along with his personable touch are crucial elements to his out of the box creativity as I am the first financial advisor with whom he has worked to re-create my brand. Rather than be a hinderance, Gerry’s “industry outsider’s” viewpoint is proving to be an extremely strong asset as he brings a fresh perspective to my overall marketing strategy. I am delighted to recommend Gerry to anyone whom is responsible for marketing decisions within their company, whether a single individual or 10,000 employee organization.” – Nathan Parkhouse, Parkhouse Financial

“Instead of knocking myself out trying to come up with just the right copy for my new website, I went to an expert and got expert help. Gerry, you were able to take the words that I had written and almost magically turn them into inviting, call to action copy. Many of my new clients have told me that they were impressed with my website and found helpful information to support them in making the decision to come to coaching.” – Lois Galloway, Discover Yourself Coaching

“Gerry, wanted to let you know, you are a life saver.  You have helped me in a number of ways, but perhaps most importantly with the tip to use the criss cross directory.  Where I live there are thousands of high income homes within ten minutes.  I did a few hours of telemarketing last week and had three appointments on Saturday.  It is so incredibly important to be able to get into people’s homes who are close by.  I couldn’t have accomplished this with years of marketing and many thousands of dollars.” –  Scott Dietz, WildWorks Landscaping

Gerry Black is a marketing writer based in Toronto, Canada who works with clients in the U.S. and Canada.


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