Suffering from Marketing Overwhelm and Frustration?

We all need to market our businesses. But with so many options out there, it can be intimidating. And if marketing isn’t your core competency, it can be overwhelming.

If that’s you, no worries. There is a way to get unstuck and all it takes is for you to make a decision that you aren’t going to stay stuck.

A little change in your beliefs, mixed in with some time management focus and an game plan and you can break out!

It will take some effort but you’ll be pleased with the results.

You can’t possibly tackle every aspect of your marketing plan at once.

So, to get started, here are five steps to cut through the marketing fog so you can start marketing your business consistently and effectively.

1. Stop the noise.

You can’t get calm until you get clear. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath. You aren’t in a race with anyone. Including yourself. Think about what YOU want. Don’t focus on the marketing “mountain”. Figure out what your next step towards marketing success looks like. Once you get clear on your business goals, it will be much easier to create a plan to get there.

2. Set your targets.

Next, you want to establish your goals. Once you know what success looks like for your business, you need to set specific and measurable goals to get you there. For example, if you have a goal to find three new clients, get clear on how you plan to make that happen. Instead of jotting down a vague bullet point of ‘find three new clients”, create a specific action plan with a deadline so you’ll be able to measure your progress.

3. Plan your strategy.

Figure out which marketing strategies are most likely to lead to achieving your goals. If you want to attract three new clients, you’ll need to focus your marketing on where you are most likely to find them. Work on creating and nurturing new relationships with your ideal prospects so you can learn what makes them tick. What are their challenges? This will help you build rapport and increase your visibility. Talk to past clients. They will have new needs as their businesses grow. Remember: your marketing strategy must be aligned with your goals and match up with what your prospects and clients want.

4.Make an action plan.

Keep it simple. A plan will keep you focused on specific strategies so you can achieve your goals. To get started, make yourself a 90 day plan. Why? Because 90 days is manageable. You won’t feel overwhelmed and you can get a lot done. Write down and organize the exact steps you need to take in order to bring your strategy to life. Once your plan is created, follow it. Plan your work and work your plan.

5. Take action.

You must schedule time to put your plan into effect. No amount of planning will matter if you don’t actually follow – and take action on – the steps you laid out. Every day must be planned out so you work your plan. Million dollar tip: Regardless of what service or product you sell, you’re main job is marketing your business. In order to see results, you must complete your marketing activities each day and each week. Put them on your calendar and – just do them!

These five steps will help you create clarity about what you want and eliminate that feeling of marketing overwhelm. Once you lock on to your goals, all the other distractions that don’t fit in with your vision for success fall away. Stay the course and you will build a successful, profitable business!

You might find this marketing checklist helpful. 

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