How to Solve Your Client Attraction Problem Today!When it comes to making money in our business, we all face the same problem.

How to attract prospects so we can use our services and prospects to solve their problems.

And not just any prospect…we want people who can afford our services and are interested before they get to our website, right?

So how can you do that? This article will show you a proven way. A way that works.

Getting someone to help you can work…IF you find someone who actually knows what he or she is doing.

And that’s the challenge – knowing, really knowing how to find someone who can get the job done.

I’m going to give you a recommendation. One that takes all the pressure off of you and gives you a clear path to the business success you want when it comes to attracting qualified prospects to your site. Ready?

The recommendation is this – find someone who is successful and model their success. But not just anyone.  

The person you model needs to have their specific characteristics. Three key attributes that will help you trust them and know that you will have the best chance possible of success with their method.

Here they are.

First you need someone who walks the walk, not just talks the talk. In other words, you want to follow someone who does what they teach, not someone who just sells ideas. There is a big difference between the person who knows what should work and the person who has figured out how to use the the internet to make money – usually from unsuspecting business owners who they take advantage of.

Second, you need someone you feel you can trust.

Third, you need someone who will work with you and take your needs and skills into consideration, not just offer a “one size fits all” solution.

The good news is you can do this five simple steps.


Step 1

Check out their websites and see who is really doing the job and who is just pretending. If they have testimonials, read them. See what people say about their experience.

Step 2

Can you afford what they offer? You are going to want to buy this person’s product, book or course so you need to know going in if it’s a fit for you. A $2,500 course might sound great but if you can’t afford $2,500 you will be wasting time learning about it. 

Step 3

Does it make sense to you? If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. If the site owners you research are making outrageous claims or promising you will “get 5 new clients in less than 30 days” then hide your wallet and run. Only consider moving forward if something makes sense to you.

Step 4

Do they have a good reputation? You probably won’t ever meet your mentor/trainer so you need to grab your mouse and do some online homework. Look for testimonials. Google can help you. Just Google your potential mentor’s name and you will find what you need. 

Step 5

It’s time to take action! If you find someone who has inspired you and made you feel confident, and if you can afford what they offer, then now is the time to move forward.

Here’s the bottom line. Theres no need for you to reinvent the wheel.

There are plenty of rock-solid mentors online who know how to attract clients and are willing to teach you how to do it for a reasonable price. The step you need to take now is to decide which voice to follow.

Let me suggest an action step. Make a list of the various ways you have heard about how to attract prospects on a sheet of paper. Choose the one that seems to most logical to you. If you need a list of ways to attract prospects, you can check out my Lead Generation articles

Choose the method that appeals to you, go to Google and type that phrase in the search box.

If there are people selling “how to” information about that topic, and there will be, they will be sure to be on the first page of results.

Avoiding the pain and frustration of losing money to pretenders and charlatans is smart.

Take the five steps above and the only question you will need to answer is…who will be your mentor?

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