By that, I mean, when you get into a selling situation with a prospect, are you worried about that inevitable point where the discussion turns to your pricing or fees?

Instead of focusing on how your can help your prospect, you’re worried about having to defend yourself when your prospect brings up your prices.

Well, if you learn how to sell value, you will never have to worry about defending your pricing again.

Sell Value And Convert More Prospects Into Sales

First off, it’s important to understand WHY so many prospects are fixated on pricing.

It’s because we, as marketers, force them to do it.


That’s right. We do such a weak job of helping them see how our service or product will make their lives better, the only thing they have to compare when they hold up our product or service against that of a competitor is pricing.

Here are four strategies that can help you sell using value so that price is no longer an issue.

Although they seem like common sense, they are often ignored.

Let’s take a look…

Strategy #1: Stop being a peddler

Forget about selling and trying to get your prospect to buy your product or service. Your prospect couldn’t care less. He wants to know HOW it will benefit him. If you lead with ‘here’s my widget, it’s got a handle, it’s available in blue or red and it comes in three sizes’, the obvious question to the prospect is, “how much?’

Instead, engage your prospect. Online, make sure you clearly articulate the benefits your product or service offers. In a face-to-face situation, ask questions.

This first contact sets the tone for the entire selling process. Personally, I like it when a prospect STARTS by asking me my pricing. I know instantly I am dealing with someone who probably wouldn’t even appreciate a value discussion. By bringing up price immediately, he saves both of us from wasting our time by going further.

Strategy #2: Let your prospect to turn on the “value” lights

You want your prospect to bring up the value he sees in your offering. How do you do it? By asking the right questions.

Let your prospect tell you the value he assigns to finding a solution to his problem. This is far more valuable than you telling him what it is. Although, even if you do draw attention to the value you can deliver, you’ll be a lot further down the track than many of your competitors who are simply in ‘stop me when you see something you like’ mode.

Online, where you don’t have the advantage of being in front of your prospect in person, it’s important to use emotion in your copy to get your prospect FEELING how great it would be if your product or service could solve his problem. The only way to evoke this key emotion is to present your offering in such a way your prospect can see the benefits he can expect to enjoy.

Strategy #3: Ooze value online and offline

Your initial contact with your prospects should result in such an overwhelming experience of value – an experience they actually thank you for.  The idea is to leave your prospect looking forward to having more conversations with you.

Your competitors will be your biggest ally here. Why? Because most of them are pedlars. Very few will ask your prospect the powerful questions that help him get clarity around his problem and what it is costing him. This insight is of great value to your prospect. He will recognize and appreciate your professionalism and see the value in further developing the relationship.

Strategy #4: Ratchet up the value

Once your prospect tells you how you add value, keep the momentum going. Explain ways you can add even more value. At this point, he is primed to listen and will appreciate the additional value you can add. Why? Because at this stage, he’s sold. The added value is simply the icing the cake and will help overcome any lingering objectives that could be keeping him from making a buying decision.

When you ask the right questions, your prospect can’t help but see the value in doing business with you.

Those crap-shoot buying decisions based on price will disappear.

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