Are your emails selling your services or virtually assuring prospects will run from you?

Yesterday I got an email from JJ, a website designer who used my contact form to introduce me to his services.

JJ may know web design but he knows little about setting the table for a relationship with a potential client.

His approach is typical of many email promotions I receive. He makes himself the star instead of putting the potential needs and wants of his prospect first.

Never mind the fact that he started out by telling me about HIM. That’s a turn off that would likely have half the audience reaching for the mouse.

It’s his question about whether or not I’ve been been ‘thinking about updating your site to a more modern look and feel’ that had me rolling my eyes.

Really? Talk about shooting yourself in the foot right out of the gate.

JJ is essentially saying – without even knowing me – “Look, your website looks tired. Do you really want to stay stuck in the stone age or have me, the amazing JJ, transform you into the next shiny thing?”

He continues…’if so, I’d really love to speak with you.’

And what compelling carrot is JJ using to pique my curiosity? He offers that he can ‘provide me with some suggestions of different things that I’ve done that have made a big impact on my clients (sic) sales.’

Forget that he left off the apostrophe after the s in the word “clients.”

Although, I’m wondering if he does any coding for his clients and what impact a missing digit would have on their site firing up. It’s no joke.This is how we think folks when we’re reading promotions.

But JJ saved the best for last.

He makes the following offer: ‘Let me know what number to call and what time works out best for you and I’ll do my best to make it work.

Who says that after a blind solicitation?

OK. Some of you may be thinking I’m being overly harsh with JJ.

But JJ invited it. I’m doing him a favour because this approach is a complete waste of time and money.

Put your customers first and give them a compelling reason to contact you.

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