coins-431535_1280I always have a little chuckle when the first question out of a potential client’s mouth is “How much do you charge?’

It demonstrates a lack of understanding of what direct response copywriting is.

When the question comes early on (thankfully!) in the conversation, I know almost immediately that the person on the line is almost certainly NOT a prospect for me.


Because the person who asks straight off what it costs simply doesn’t understand I have no way of knowing the answer UNTIL I learn more about what he is trying to accomplish. I can provide him with a range of my copywriting fees (see them here) but that will only give him a sense.

I need to know what his objectives are.

Frankly, I prefer to work with clients who want to know what the potential results are of working with a copywriter. I’m happy to answer those questions all day long.

But the other thing the question reveals is a fundamental lack of understanding that fees for a proven copywriter are self-liquidating

A direct response copywriter’s job is to craft copy that generates sales lead and sells products and services.

Now, no copywriter can GUARANTEE his or her efforts will generate results.

But what a proven copywriter CAN guarantee is that the odds will heavily be stacked in favour of getting a positive result because they use timeless sales and marketing strategies and structures when they create the copy. And, any serious copywriter will usually work with you until you do get the results you want.

It’s amazing how many business owners with poor online marketing response don’t realize that an investment in a professional copywriter is worth its weight in gold.

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