Are You Sick And Tired Of The Poor ROI Of Your Marketing?

Now you can identify your sales and marketing leaks and instantly create sales leads for your business 

If your business isn’t getting a steady flow of sales leads, this video will help you understand why. 

Introducing… “The Marketing + Sales Leak Detector”

When it comes to successful marketing and sales, there are lots of moving parts.

Unless you’re trained to know what “parts” you need and how they work together, your marketing could sputter along leaving you completely overwhelmed and frustrated…and no closer to getting the sales results you want!

That’s where I can help…

As a Marketing Strategist and Copywriter with over 20 years experience helping business, I am qualified to help you in any of the following areas:

Here’s how this service works:

Step 1: You decide where you want help based on the three areas above. It can be one or a combination of all three.

Step 2: Send me an email or contact me at 905-716-7130 and we will schedule a time to do a high level review of what’s not working and how you can eliminate your marketing struggles and frustrations and put your business on the path to painless profits.

Step 3: After I’ve had an chance to review your needs in detail, I will recommend a time block (see below) that will allow me to fully identify what the marketing and sales issues are that are causing your poor results and correct them. The minimum time block is 10 hours. That’s the time I need to provide you with a solution that improves your marketing and sales results. Depending on what’s needed, we can extend the time block to additional hours at a decreased rate.

Time Block Options

   10 hours…$2,450.00 

   20 hours…$4,300.00

   30 hours…$5,850.00

Note: – pricing does not include applicable taxes                                                                                                                                                     – there’s no time limit on when you have to use your hours…

 Any money you invest in marketing that follows proven, time-tested sales lead generating strategies and practices will come back to you many times over via increased, profitable results. 

CLICK HERE to see the kind of results improved marketing can produce!

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