Online Marketing Makeover

90-Day Online Marketing Makeover  

The Online Marketing Makeover Program is for you if you are frustrated by the lack of results your marketing is generating but don’t have the time or expertise to improve it yourself.  

90-Day Marketing Makeover Includes:

❏ Identification Of Your Core Value Proposition Message 

❏ Identification Of Your Ideal Target prospect

❏ Creation Of A Basic Lead Generation Marketing System 

❏ Web Copy Review/Rewrite

❏ Sales Lead Magnet Created/Rewritten 

❏ Email Follow Up Nurturing Campaign Created 

❏ Landing Page Review/Rewrite 

❏ LinkedIn Profile optimized

❏ Examine Overall Use Of Formatting 

❏ Building Your Selling Story

❏ Effective Use Of Call-to-Action (CTAs)

❏ Readability Of Your Content

❏ Completeness Of Your Information

❏ Ongoing Marketing + Copywriting Coaching

❏ Unlimited Email/Brief Phone Calls As Required 

How It Works:

We will work together for approximately 3 months. We will start by identifying your core value proposition and your ideal target prospect. That will form the foundation of your marketing system.  

Then, based on input from you, I will create your online selling story so that it resonates with your intended audience. Using my copywriting and marketing knowledge and experience, I will build a fundamental marketing “system” that attracts your ideal prospects, generates interest and desire and converts those who are qualified into clients or customers.

Note: I will be responsible for all copywriting and marketing strategy. This arrangement does not include web design/web development or creative design. However, I will be happy to provide you with advice on what I know to be strategies/approaches that are effective. 

Fee: $3,500.00 per month for 3 months

Agreement Terms: All invoices are billed in advance and paid monthly by EFT. 

Next Step: To learn more about how the Online Marketing Makeover can produce a higher return on your investment, call me at 905-716-7130 or email me today at


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