Most Wanted Response MWR - What It Is And Why You Need One!

Go into any big box grocery store and you’ll likely see a customer attraction strategy in plain view as soon as you enter the store where a display of different products awaits.

Water. Snacks. Paper towels. I usually take a quick look – just in case some newbie made a mistake and put the Golden Grahams on sale at a ridiculously low price.

Mostly though, I breeze by.

But NOT this day.

Because there, stacked high on pallets, was a mountain of paper towel rolls – the good stuff. You couldn’t miss it.

It was immediately very obvious to me what the store’s MWR was.

At $4.99 per package, their MWR was they wanted those paper towels outta there – FAST!

With me, that display produced their Most Wanted Response.

And as a marketer, it’s important to make sure your prospect “gets” yours.

In fact, your MWR should be the starting point for all your headlines, emails and sales letters.

When attention, interest, desire and action converge, there will be sales.

Here’s how it works:

That big mountain o’ paper towels, with a clearly displayed price of $4.99 per package, was like a great headline. It got my immediate attention.

It created interest because it was half the normal price.

The desire part was a no-brainer because who can pass up a truly obvious great deal?

And finally – the most important aspect of the MWR – it caused me to take action.

I bought two! And the store got its MWR.

This grocery store used a proven formula direct response copywriters have been using since the beginning of time. Or selling, at least.

And you can use it to create web copy, emails and landing pages that attracts a steady stream of customers to your door.

Step 1: Identify your MWR.

Step 2: Create a headline, subject line or post title to grab the attention of your visitors. Here’s a post I wrote that will help you create attention getting copy.  

Step 3: Create a slippery slope that excites and motivates prospects to continue through your selling process until they get to your MWR. 

Everything in your copy – from the headline, first paragraph, sub headlines, and every word you use should lead the reader toward your Most Wanted Response.

Once you identify your MWR, you now have the recipe needed to write a compelling sales story.

Follow this simple but effective direct response copywriting formula: ‘AIDA’ – Attention. Interest. Desire. Action.

MWR + AIDA = mucho dineros.

Apply this every time you sit down to write sales copy and you’ll attract those dineros this powerful equation produces.

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