Marketing Overwhelm: A 4-Step Cure

eliminating marketing overwhelm

For many business owners, marketing overwhelm is a BIG issue.

Let’s face it. With so many options available, it can be intimidating. What works? What’s a time-suck? What’s the latest new thing? And then that dreaded, mind numbing post: ‘How such-and-such marketing strategy has changed and what you need to know about it.’

Really? Sometimes I’m sitting there thinking to myself: I didn’t even know how it worked LAST year let alone where it’s headed now.

And if marketing isn’t your core competency, it can be overwhelming.

Well, new channels that allow you to market your product or service in a different way DO emerge on a regular basis but one thing that hasn’t is a sure-fire way to stay focused and free of the chaos that can creep in when you don’t have a plan to prevent it. 

And that’s what today’s post is all about.

A little change in your beliefs, mixed in with some time management and a clear game plan will go a long way to setting you free from marketing overwhelm – once and for all.

Use these 4 steps to cut through the marketing fog so you can start marketing your business consistently and effectively.

1. Take Time To Calm The Marketing Overwhelm Noise.

You can’t get clear until you get calm. Start by taking a deep breath and realize this: You aren’t in a race with anyone – including yourself. Take a bit of time and think about what YOU want your marketing to help you accomplish. Coming down off the marketing “mountain” for a bit to get clear on how you’re going to conquer it in a controlled way is the first step. Think about what marketing success looks like for you. 

2. Get “the basics” right.

It’s easy to get distracted by things like TicToc. And marketers who are hugely successful. And evergreen webinars. And the latest and greatest Linkedin automation tools. Yes, there is LOTS to look at. But before you start taking in all the stuff other marketers seem to be using with unbelievable results (and trust me, things are not always how they appear), get your foundation in shape.

A website with messaging that connects with your ideal target prospect. A sales lead magnet free offer you can use to start building an email list. An email campaign you can use to keep prospects “warm” until they’re ready to buy. And finally, an e-newsletter that educates your prospects. Remember only 1% – 3% of your new website visitors are NOW buyers. Most will take anywhere between 5-12 touches before they buy. If you aren’t sure if your marketing materials are written for results, you can take advantage of this

3. Decrease Marketing Overwhelm With A 90-Day Plan.

Not a year. Ninety days. Long enough to see some results. But a tight enough time frame that forces you to focus. Figure out which marketing strategies are most likely to lead to achieving your goals. You know content marketing where you consistently publish posts like the one are proven to be effective in attracting your ideal target prospects. Posting on social media? Sure, but you don’t have to be on EVERY social media platform. Focus on a couple like LinkedIn and Facebook. THAT you can handle without feeling overwhelmed. After 90 days, evaluate your results.

Email marketing is another strategy that is highly effective. Especially when compared to your ROI from social media. Here’s a real eye opener! 

4. Take action.

You must put your plan into effect. No amount of planning will matter if you don’t take action. Every day must be planned out so you carry out your plan. Million Dollar Tip: Regardless of what service or product you sell, your main job is marketing and promoting your business. Even I have to remind myself of this from time to time. In order to see results, you must complete your marketing activities each day and each week. Put them on your calendar and – just do them!

These four steps will help you create clarity about what you want and eliminate that feeling of marketing overwhelm. Once you lock on to your goals, all the other distractions that don’t fit in with your vision for success fall away. Stay the course and you will build a successful, profitable business!


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