Online Marketing Audit

Online Marketing “Leaks” Audit 

The Online Marketing “Leaks” Audit is for you if you’ve reached a point where you are frustrated by the lack of results your online marketing is producing and want professional input on how to improve it. 

This audit process focuses on the typical causes of poor marketing results.

Often, this can be traced to:

  • Weak or non-existent value proposition
  • One-size fits all messaging
  • A poorly organized on non-existent selling story
  • Incomplete information
  • No call-to action
  • Lack of readability
  • No marketing “system” in place 

With your audit, you’ll get a detailed, written analysis of your online marketing. I’ll tell you what’s good about it and what works, what doesn’t work, what should be changed…and how.

My audit covers copy, design, strategy, and your offer (call-to-action) and along with specific directions for improving your online marketing – although I do not write copy or make any changes for you under this arrangement.

Your Online Marketing “Leaks” Audit examines:

❏ Core Value Proposition Message 

❏ Ideal Target prospect

❏ Web Copy 

❏ Emails 

❏ Landing Pages

❏ Lead Magnets

❏ LinkedIn Profile

❏ Overall look and feel (proper use of formatting) 

❏ How your selling story is organized

❏ Call-to-Action (CTAs)

❏ Readability of your content

❏ Completeness of your information

Your written Marketing Leaks Audit takes about 10 days to produce.

Fee:   $1,450.00 (plus applicable taxes)

Next Step:

Let’s discuss how we can work together to get your marketing producing a higher return for your investment of time, money and effort.

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