Marketing Consulting/Coaching

Marketing Consulting + Coaching  

Work with me one-on-one for clarity, confidence, understanding and direction.

And most importantly…RESULTS! 

Coaching + Consulting delivered via:

  • Bi-weekly “Zoom” meetings
  • Email
  • Phone
  • PDF training 

Monthly marketing coaching + consulting is the solution if you want to put an end to marketing frustration and overwhelm with limited results. You’ve been successful to some degree but you KNOW you could do better if you had someone with to guide you.

You want to stop relying on one-off, “hope and pray” marketing strategies and start to transform your business by implementing a marketing “system” that consistently attracts qualified prospects and converts them into profitable sales. You’re tired of guessing where to put your time, money and energy.

Most importantly, you need someone who can guide you to do the things necessary for marketing success and will help you to take action and implement proven marketing strategies that work! 

Marketing Consulting + Consulting Benefits:

  • You have an experienced hand guiding you
  • Get clear on your profit boosting next steps
  • Make better decisions that save you time and money
  • Get feedback on your current marketing efforts to improve results


   10 hours…$2,450.00 

   20 hours…$4,300.00

   30 hours…$5,850.00

Note: – pricing does not include applicable taxes                                                                                                 – there’s no time limit on when you have to use your hours…

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