Using LinkedIn – 5 Easy-To-Follow Tips to Profit!

I have been busy this week learning about Social Media Marketing.

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking this multi-headed mysterious monster marketing strategy doesn’t seem to be going away. In fact, it’s growing exponentially in popularity.

And that’s exactly why you may want to stick your toe in the water and see what it’s all about.

Charlie Cook has been hosting a terrific free teleseminar series on Social Media Marketing this week and today I wanted to pass along some big time tips from Linked IN expert Jan Vermeiren that can take you from newbie to not-so-newbie in a hurry.

Here are are 5 LinkedIn Fundamentals – from a pro – that you can use right now to start boosting your business:

1. Have the right attitude – Many people join LinkedIn thinking it’s like turning on a tap and watching new business leads come out. Not so. In fact, Jan doesn’t even like to describe LinkedIN as a medium for “give and take.” He finds the word “take” negative. He prefers “give and receive.” I’m with him.

2. People do business with people they know, like and trust – You’ve heard me bang this drum many times. And with good reason. It’s an immutable marketing “truth”. LinkedIn provides you with all kinds of opportunities to share information with others. You can do it one-on-one, join discussion groups, answer questions and on and on. LinkedIN, like much of the Social Media phenomenon, is the “new town square.” And each time you share, you have an opportunity to develop your KLT factor.

3. After you sign up on LinkedIN, check out the Advanced Search Screen – This, according to Jan, is the most important screen on the site. Here’s why: Let’s say you your target market is marketing managers at pharmaceutical companies with sales of $50M a year. You’re based in Dallas and you want to bump up your national client base. Using the advanced search, you type in all the parameters that pertain to what you want. eg. United States, Marketing Managers, pharmaceutical companies, $50M annual sales etc and watch the names that pop up on Linked IN.

4. Check who you are connected to! You gotta love this! Once you start building your connections, you will see that your target prospects are likely connected in some way to people in YOUR network. In other words, you have an opportunity for a referral.

5. Leave LinkedIN – Huh? I’m just getting going. Why would I want to leave?? This tip is why Jan was giving the presentation and I was sitting in my chair listening to him. Once you find someone who is a potential prospect that has a connection with one of YOUR connections, you pick up the phone and ask YOUR connection to send a “Magic Email” introducing you. Now, the level of relationship you have with your connections will determine the content of the email intro. It’s only intended to be a short hand off with a bit of background information which paves the way for a potential mutually beneficial discussion between you and someone in your connection’s network. Is THAT cool or what??!!

That will give you some idea of the potential of LinkedIN as a business tool. Next week, I’ll include some stuff about setting up your LinkedIN profile.

Gerry Black is a marketing writer based in Toronto, Ontario  who works with clients in Canada and the U.S. .

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