Leverage the selling power of your KLT in your marketing

Success in marketing depends a lot on your ability to show your prospects that you care about them.

And for that, the formula is simple: Get your prospects to know, like and trust you and the selling will take care of itself.

Let’s take a closer look at the KLT factor.

For many business owners, establishing a KLT factor is a natural process when they are face-to-face with a prospect.

Their passion, energy, know-how and confidence infuses prospects with a feeling of confidence and trust.

Nose-to-nose, they shine.

It’s when they try to instil that same feeling in their marketing – online and offline – that their KLT factor goes missing in action.

Here are some easy “quick fixes” to inject some KLT into your online marketing so you can project an image that properly portrays you as the person you are: a passionate, knowledgeable problem solver who can make a real difference in prospects’ lives.

I’m focusing today on your website because, aside from yourself, that should be your #1 “salesperson.”

Put a headline on your home page/landing page

 Telegraph the solution you offer your ideal prospects.

Remember, your prospects arrive on your website with a problem to solve or a need to fulfill.

‘Welcome to my site’ or listing off all the services or products you offer doesn’t do a thing to help your prospect – unless you present the BENEFIT your product or service offers.

Most marketers detail features which don’t help the prospect connect the dots.

For example, if you know how to demystify social media for the business owners, say it! “Social Media Explained: What to do and what to avoid.”

Instead of taking this approach, many social media “gurus” announce to their lucky prospect that they’re social media experts and then list all the social media channels they work in.

Duh! That is likely COMPOUNDING the business owner’s problem of feeling overwhelmed.

Put some meat in your About page

Instead of the typical ‘we are a leader in software analytics that works with companies that’ blah blah, let your prospects get a sense of who you are and why you’re qualified to help solve their problem.

Tell them the story about why you created your business.

Show them the steps you took to get to where you are today. Let them know there’s a real person behind the business. And don’t be afraid to show some vulnerability.

It makes you real.

Use testimonials that prove you can deliver

Not ones that say how marvellous you are. Or that you deliver projects on time. Or that you’re nice to work with.

Get customers and clients talking about how you changed their lives. We think in pictures. Paint one. Your prospects want to “see” the transformation they will undergo after they work with you.

Use conversational copy

Talk like your clients and customers talk. My old journalism prof would roll over if he could see the way I write sales and marketing copy. (what style guide?)

If you communicate like you just graduated from Beige Academy with a B.A. in Boring, it’s going to to hurt your ability to “connect” with people. Leave that to your competitors! Your prospects want to deal with a real person.

So, those will get you started.

Get real. Building an online KLT environment depends on you tapping into the same qualities you leverage in your face-to-face selling conversations.

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