Fear of SuccessOne of my biggest distractions when the new year starts is……ME!

I have soooooo many ideas flying around in my head that my mind is overflowing.

There’s my online golf book project that I’m STILL determined to do something with.

Throw in my invention that I’m planning to present to the Dragons and Sharks ….soon?

My New York vending machine project is showing signs of movement.

It usually takes me a couple of weeks into January to unpack my brain and get a handle on things.

This year? Already into February and the “noise” hasn’t stopped. 

I could have done so many things babyif I could only stop my mind.from Wasted Time, sung by Don Henley

Client work is always a priority.

But all these other things have a way of leaping out and trying to distract me. 

I know you’ve got ideas in your head. And I’ll bet one of them revolves around needing to make some changes.

Especially where your marketing is concerned.

And yet, you’ve done nothing.

Instead, you go through the motions each day working on convincing yourself that life isn’t so bad. You’re gettin’ by, right?

But the problem is, deep down inside, you just know that getting by isn’t enough. You know that life is about more than just surviving, it’s about leaving a mark.

It’s about setting your sights on something you want so badly and stopping at nothing to get it.

But despite this understanding, you’re still allowing some of your dreams to slip out of reach.

(BTW, I’m right there beside you.)

So, why don’t we do it?

Day in and day out, we go about our routine, telling ourselves we’ll eventually make time to do something that matters. Some. Day.

Days turn into weeks. Weeks into months. And months into years.

Sound familiar?

Just like coming up with a “good idea” passion isn’t enough.

I WANT to do all the things I listed above but for some reason, I haven’t.

I thought it was laziness …but I’ve come to realize what’s really stopping me.


Fear is the culprit behind making ideas disappear as quickly as they show up.

Why?  Because taking action on them means putting yourself “out there.”

It means the very real possibility of trying to make something happen and landing on your ass.

So what’s a dreamer to do?

Take the first step and stop worrying about having to know exactly what the next step is.

You’re probably not going to get things right the first time. But guess what? That’s okay.

Believe in yourself.  Get out there.

Keep learning but start DOING and taking action.

Every day, you have the ability to choose: Will you take action on the activities that bring you closer to your dreams or will today just be another version of yesterday?

Your call.

I know I plan to be braving Sharks and Dragons.

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