Back in the pre-internet days, your B2B prospect was STARVED for information.

If he wanted to learn about your products and services, he almost HAD to call you. Oh sure, he could read one of your brochures or visit your booth at a trade show. But ultimately, he had to make contact.

And guess what? He hated it. Why? Because that meant he likely he had to endure some “stop me when I say something you like” sales pitch.

Ignoring THIS About Today’s B2B Buyer Will Cost You

Fast forward to today’s buyer.

When today’s buyer calls you, he has done his basic buying homework.

Here’s the part where you want to pull your chair in and read carefully to make sure your website and online marketing isn’t virtually guaranteeing your phone won’t ring anywhere near as much as it should.

Guess what he used to do his research? Yep. Your website. And your competitors’ websites.

Now, here’s where things get real interesting…

Many business owners are stingy when it comes to providing detailed information about their products and service online.


Because they’ve been brainwashed.

I recently had a conversation with a marketer who immediately signalled he was about to jump into the Virtual Sea of Beige.

Our little chin wag went something like this:

HIM: I don’t want much copy on my site. Most people won’t take the time to read it.

ME: You’re right. But you aren’t interested in most people. You are creating an online sales story for qualified prospects who are actually TRYING to make an educated buying decision. That’s about  30% of the people who come to your site.

HIM: (not convinced) Hmmmmmmm…

ME: Think of it this way. Today’s buyer has a bunch of questions and concerns that he wants addressed BEFORE he will even consider engaging with you. Most qualified prospects who visit your website already know that the product or service that solves their problem exists.

HIM: What’s your point?

ME: Simply this: Your web story must be complete and hammer home the point that you are equipped to fulfill his need or solve his problem. That requires web copy. In a face-to-face selling situation, would you ever say to a prospect ‘look, my limit for you today is a couple of hundred words to explain ny product or service. That’s all I got. So, please make sure you choose your questions very carefully so we don’t run out.

HIM: I wouldn’t do that in person but my website is different.

ME: It sure is. When you’re selling online, you are missing a critical advantage. You can’t use body language to see if you’re message is getting through. Your web copy must address EVERY possible question or concern your prospect might have.

Here’s the key takeaway: your web copy must accomplish two key sales objectives.

First, it must clearly explain WHY your prospect should pick your solution over that of your competitors. What makes you different than the other guy? If you can’t think of anything, get ready to fight it out on price.

Second, you must communicate to your prospect why you’re in position to deliver. Your prospect wants to BUY. But in order to buy, you need to SELL him on your solution.

Go take a look at your home page and pretend to be a prospect. See if there’s a compelling reason to pick you over your competitors.

And, if there is, are you making it easy for your prospect to buy? Is your copy answering questions and addressing potential objections?

If not, your site is leaking money.

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