We live in a world where instant gratification rules.

We don’t like to wait – FOR ANYTHING.

Especially when it comes to searching on the internet for stuff we want or need.

I’m convinced, if it were possible, people would pay big money to hop on their computer and hit a button that says, Take Me To Exactly What I Want.


Because they are so tired of being bashed about with wishy washy messages that give them no clue as to whether or not the online marketer even UNDERSTANDS their problem and how it affects their life let alone be able to provide a solution.

Our prospects understand the problem. That’s all that should matter to us as marketers. They live with it. It keeps them awake. All they want to see is a message that STARTS by somehow communicating you “get” it.

Now, they’re primed to be persuaded because they haven’t worn themselves out clicking around looking for someone who does.

The internet is about speed and relevant information for your prospect – period.

Yes, to seal the deal, you have to connect with potential customers using an emotional appeal backed up by logic.

But you need to start the relationship further down the track where your prospect is.

Very few prospects will wait for you to catch up.

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