Do you HATE your website? 

You’re not alone!

For many marketers, their website is an ongoing source of frustration and stress.

Just the word conjures up negative thoughts…

  • the never-ending buckets of money they pour into SEO
  • waiting FOREVER for their “web guy” to get back to them
  • web copy that that just doesn’t SEEM right

But that’s not the REAL reason why they hate their website…

THIS IS: Their website that is doing next to NOTHING to bring in new business!

Sound familiar?

All the time, energy and money you keep pouring into this “supposed” online salesperson and for what?

Hardly anyone ever calls you after visiting your site. When you check your analytics, you’ll probably see very few visitors even stick around for more than 30 seconds. 

So…What. Do. You. Do?

Maybe a site makeover? Probably expensive with no guarantee that things will change.

Model what you see others in your industry doing and hope things will change? Not likely…many of them hate their sites too!

You COULD just go on hating it…but that doesn’t seem like a very productive approach.

Here’s the solution: understand the ROLE of your website.

STOP forcing your website to be a solo performer!

Think sports…Having a good quarterback is a must if you’re going to contend in most football games. So is having a good goalie in hockey.

But, no matter how good they are, they need to have a supporting cast to get the job done…teammates who can provide all the elements needed for success.

It’s EXACTLY the same thing with your website.

Your website can’t CONVERT qualified prospects into sales all by itself. It’s role is to attract qualified prospects and HELP move them through your selling process.  

Here’s the biggest challenge your site is up against:

Less than 5% of first-time visitors to a site are NOW buyers. NOW buyers know what they want and they’re ready to buy now. All that’s left to is deciding WHO to buy from…THAT day!

Think about that…even if you have the most effective web copy on the planet going for you (most marketers don’t!), you’re fighting for a tiny percentage of opportunity.

Once that NOW buyer makes a buying decision, the party’s over!

And, for many, the website hatin’ continues.

Marketers who insist on forcing their website to win the sale all by itself are losing out on a tremendous opportunity.

And that opportunity lies in the 95% of visitors who DID NOT buy!

What about them? After all, you got them to visit your site. They must have SOME interest!

And they DO! In fact, many of them WILL eventually buy, just not that day.

They could be in research mode. Price shopping. Early in their buying journey. Just think about how YOU go about buying something that isn’t a simple gadget or service that doesn’t cost much. You take your time.  

So, how do you stack the odds in your favor so that, when they do buy, they’ll buy from YOU?

Here’s a proven, 5-step solution you can implement to convert more qualified web prospects into sales…

STEP #1: See your website as part of a marketing “system” rather than an isolated marketing tool.

STEP #2: Make sure you use a headline on your home page/landing page that immediately captures your visitor’s attention so he/she will keep reading. Your prospect’s don’t want STUFF. They want to know why they should consider buying from you.  

STEP  #3: Create a free lead magnet offer and make sure it appears on prominently on your web pages. Often referred to as an ethical bribe, you want to offer your prospect some value they will be willing to provide you with their email address. And just because it’s free, you need to “sell” the visitor on “buying” it.

STEP #4: Implement a “welcome email campaign” that nurtures and educates your new prospects and keeps them warm until they ARE ready to buy.

STEP #5: Create sales emails that contain offers your prospect can take advantage of to solve their problem.

Continuing to rely solely on your website as a selling tool is going to keep you frustrated.

Your website is one of the most valuable online assets you have. It plays a role in attracting and keeping visitors, generating leads, and driving sales but it’s part of an overall basic marketing system. 

CLICK HERE to watch a free video I created that provides more detail on how to convert more first-time visitors into profitable clients and customers. 

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