I was watching past episodes of Dragon’s Den over the holidays and it struck me how much pitching the Dragons with an idea is like copywriting.

Ten years ago, I came up with an idea for a product that solved an everyday problem.

My problem was there was no Dragon’s Den around so I let life pull me off track and my idea, along with a lot of research and hard work, got parked on the shelf.

This year is the year I will learn if my idea is saleable.

Anyway, back to the Dragons.

If you’ve seen the show, you know that aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs walk down a flight of stairs and it’s show time!

The Dragons only know the person’s name and where he or she is from.

Now, the Dragons know exactly what they want: a business idea that they can make money from.

And they know what to look for.

Each presenter gets a chance to make an opening statement and how well they do it determines where things go from there.

Every second that passes is being used by the Dragons to figure out if there’s a viable opportunity to make or not.

As soon they make that determination, out come the cheque books – or the long knives.

It’s that simple.

So what does this have to do with you making more sales?

Your prospects are your Dragons.

When they go to your website or read your email or your sales letter, they KNOW what they want.

That’s because, just like the Dragons who are perpetually on the lookout for a viable business opportunity, they are looking for something that is going to make their lives better.

Send them an immediate message that if they stick with you, you’ll show them how you can do that and you’ve got a chance to make a sale.

Bore them with products and services blah blah and you’re done.

It really is that simple.

Your sales copy must immediately communicate that they are in the right place to solve their problem or address their need.

Here’s why that’s so critical: you aren’t there to fill in the blanks and answer questions. Your copy has to attract attention, build interest, create desire, answer objections and questions and lead the reader to the next step in your selling process.

Your copy is YOU.

No way you’d ever conduct a face-to-face sales encounter by droning on about widgets and it’s got this and it’s got that. You’d be asking questions and explaining HOW your product or service will make your prospect’s life different.

Your marketing materials are that same sales encounter with one HUGE disadvantage – you ain’t there!

Look at the copy on your website and in your email marketing.

Would YOU be intrigued by it if you were your prospect? Would you think, ‘hey, these guys really understand what I’m looking for?’ Does your copy answer questions and address potential objections? Is there some personality in your copy?

Or, is your copy “stuff I want to sell” copy that is practically forcing your prospects to roll their eyes and go, ‘great, another coaching website or a software company or a website designer?’

Bit of tough love here. But necessary. I work with so many clients who have great products and services but their marketing is void of any personality. THEIR personality which is so vital is sales.

If you give your prospects what they want – which is showing them how your product or service can change their lives – they will reward you by giving you a chance to earn their business.

They are coming to your site because they have a problem. They WANT to solve it. You are doing them a favour by ending their search.

If your marketing isn’t converting qualified prospects into paying customers and clients, it’s likely the problem is weak copywriting that is just pushing stuff instead of allowing your personality to flow through along with a genuine message that you’re interested in helping your prospect enjoy the benefits you have to offer.

Make 2013 the year you finally fix that and watch your sales soar!

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