Quick…after your home page or landing page, what’s the most valuable selling page on a web site?

You might be surprised to learn that it SHOULD be your FAQ page.

For many marketers, their FAQ page (if they have one) is leaving a fortune in missed opportunities on the table. 

Today’s explains why the FAQ is such a powerful sales weapon and how you can use it to elbow your competitors to the side and put yourself in position to make a sale. 

Hope you enjoy it!


How To Turn Your FAQ Page Into A Killer Sales Tool

We’ve all seen them – an FAQ ( frequently asked questions) page on a website that gives us quick answers to questions.

Which is why your prospects love them!

FAQ pages get LOTS of traffic. 

Here’s why:

We live in a world of immediate gratification. No one wants to “work” to figure anything out. So the FAQ page is today’s impatient prospect’s BFF.

Now you COULD use an FAQ page to answer stuff like this…

  • How many colours does it come in?
  • How much is your app?’
  • Where does the name come from?
  • What other services are you compatible with?

OR, you can use it to sell the reader on why you’re a better choice than your competitors. 

Think about it…

When your prospects go to your FAQ page, you have their undivided attention. They CHOSE to go there. They WANT to be there because they are looking for information.

That’s a luxury we, as marketers, don’t often enjoy in today’s hectic world of nano-second attention spans.

And when we get that opportunity, we need to use it wisely.

Sure, answer all the creampuff stuff – but not at the beginning of your FAQ page.

Let me explain.

Years ago, I had a client in the laser eye industry. An industry that is very competitive. And VERY price focused.

After interviewing the doc who owned the clinic, I learned that there were a number of things he offered that his competitors did not.

One of them was the fact that he owned the clinic.

Now, on the face of it, this might not seem like a big deal to potential laser eye surgery clients.

Until it’s presented to them in a meaningful way.

Cue the FAQ page.

We changed his first question from ‘Are you open Saturdays?’ to ‘Do you own the clinic?’

What this approach did was give the doc a chance to explain WHY the prospect should go with a doc who owns the clinic.

His answer opened his prospects’ eyes (sorry, couldn’t resist) to an important “hidden” benefit they might never consider during their buying process if they weren’t made aware of it.

At that time, many laser eye docs RENTED an office that had the medical equipment and staff.

They swooped in, did a number of surgeries on a given day and gone! Back to their hospitals and their “regular” jobs.

The answer to ‘Do you own the clinic?’ explained this practice thoroughly and educated the prospect that a doc who owned the clinic would be much more likely to provide prompt, on-going follow up care than a rent-a-doc who had other priorities.

Now, let’s assume you were considering laser eye surgery and had narrowed down your list to a couple of docs and landed on this doc’s FAQ page.

You read that question and that answer.

What’s the first thing you would do? I’m betting it would be to check with the other docs on your “maybe” list to see if THEY owned their clinic.

You may learn they don’t and quietly slip away and become a patient of the doc who was doing a professional job of doing what he should be doing – helping you make an educated buying decision.

Now, imagine if the next three or four questions highlighted additional competitive advantages the doc had over his competitors? Think that might position him as the clear choice for the prospect?  (ANSWER: it did!) 

The impact of using this approach was so compelling, I’m sure he had some prospects that immediately picked up the phone to book a consultation.

Use your FAQ page as selling tool where you set a trap for competitors by clearly helping your prospects understand why you are their best choice. 

That’s the selling power of an effectively written FAQ page.

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