How To Turn “What Do You Do?” Into KA-CHING $$$ !

At some point along the line, you’ve probably been asked the following question:

‘What do you do?’

How do you answer it?

Many business owners miss a golden opportunity to make a real connection with the person asking the question because they haven’t mastered a meaningful answered that rises above the usual blah blah.

After reading today’s tip, you’ll smile the next time someone asks you this question.

First off, here’s a sobering and sad fact: most people who ask this question EXPECT the usual response where the respondent replies with something like, ‘I’m a copy writer….I write sales copy for clients.’

Ho. Hum.

That kind of mindless response doesn’t give the person asking the question much understanding and it sure as hell does nothing for you as a marketer who is looking for more customers to serve.

Here’s a way to turn that question into more potential sales leads simply by offering some meaningful insight.

We’ll use me, a direct response copywriter, as the guinea pig.

Instead of blurting out your title or job category when asked what you do, instead, say something like this: “Do you know how small business owners get overwhelmed, frustrated and confused when it comes to marketing their business and they end up wasting all kinds of time and money on marketing that doesn’t produce results?” 

This provides the person asking the question with some perspective.

Then, you continue with…

What I do is I help them take control of their marketing by implementing some proven fundamentals like identifying their ideal client or customer and crafting a clear marketing messaging that resonates with their market.”

Then, without pausing you end off by saying…

So that they avoid having sales peaks and valleys in their business, they stop feeling stressed out about marketing and most importantly, they stop wasting time, money and energy on marketing that doesn’t produce results.”

I have highlighted the key parts of this process that you can use to craft your own response to the question.

Take some time today and play around with it a bit and then watch how interested the person asking the question becomes when you give them a thoughtful response.

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