Online lead nurturing can be challenging, IF you don’t have the right strategies and tools in place. 

Many business owners don’t and ultimately, FAIL to nurture their online leads effectively – if at all.

Here’s the crazy part…they’ll spend all kinds of time, money and effort generating them in the first place.

And then they HOPE they’ll get results. 

Without a lead nurturing system in place, it’s unlikely that will happen.

So what’s up? Why would marketers invest heavily in getting prospects to their website in the first place if they aren’t going to implement an effective, lead nurturing system?

The Important Prospect Behaviour Many Don’t Know About 

Less than 5% of qualified prospects who visit a website for the first time are ready to buy that day.

THAT’S. IT. 5%!!!

These are the coveted NOW buyers.

That leaves a staggering 95% of prospects who are STILL qualified prospects…they just aren’t ready to buy the day they show up to your site.   

Considering the cost of generating leads today, if you don’t have a way to stay in touch with them, that’s a VERY expensive way to bring on new customers and clients. 

Another Sobering Statistic…

According to a study done by the Association of Sales Executives, 81% of all sales happen on or after the fifth contact.

Think about that. Many business owners I talk to stop at two! And that’s WITH all the automation and tools they have at their disposal today.

If you’re a business owner and you don’t have an online lead nurturing system in place, there’s a good chance you’re steering prospects right into the welcoming arms of your competitors. 

An effective lead nurturing strategy allows you to create a predictable and profitable stream of prospects and customers that buy.

4 Elements of an Effective Lead Capture and Nurturing System

#1. Make sure the lead is qualified. No matter how good your lead nurturing system is, if the wrong prospects are showing up, it won’t matter. Many business owners spend money to attract prospects who are not likely to buy anyway. It’s critical to make sure the person coming to your site is a strong fit for your product or service. 

#2. Differentiate your offering. Your prospects likely visit LOTS of competitor websites before they get to yours. And they see the same boring approach. “Look what I got…stop me when you see something you like.” That’s where YOUR opportunity lies. Sell the value you offer. WHY should the prospect pick you over your copycat competitors? 

#3. Have a way to continue the marketing conversation. If you don’t have a way to recontact your prospect AFTER he has expressed interest in learning about your product or service, you’re wasting all the time, money and effort you spent to get him to your site. Remember, only 5% of your visitors are ready to buy. It’s the other 95% who represent the biggest opportunity.

#4. Create a welcome/educational email campaign. This is where the gold is. The idea is to continue educating your prospect about why you are the ONLY solution he should consider when he IS ready to buy. In order to build a mutually beneficial relationship, it’s important to keep your emails about 80% educational, 20% “soft” sell. That’s what builds trust and credibility.       

Always remember, your prospects want to move through THEIR buying process at THEIR pace. 

Following up with a systematic process allows you to leverage your time and will result in more sales with less effort.

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