Last week, I was listening to one of those “free” webinars that had some great stuff in it that we can all start using today because much of it pertains to the way we think and act.

It was a roundtable discussion between millionaires (explains why I only got an invite to the webinar) about the business strategies and tactics they used to become successful.

Alberto was one of them and he was so practical, it was scary. They all were.


How Can I Explode My Business Results - FAST?

Here’s what he attributes his success to: (bullet points his; comments mine)

See the BIG picture – Take a minute and give some thought to where you want to take your business. Where are you right now? The only way to get to where you want to go is to know your starting point.

Define success for YOU – This is key. If you don’t have an understanding of what success is for you, how will you know when you find it. Made sense to me.

Block out negatives – Failure is simply not an option. Just keep picturing yourself where you want to be. As my friend David Neagle says, ‘Just believe!’

Do what you do best – Hire people who “play” at what you work at. I started adopting this strategy recently and it makes a huge difference. Not only by taking the pressure off of trying to do everything yourself, but in your results. A recent study revealed that 69% of self-employed professionals are making changes to their own websites. That’s okay if you know what you’re doing but very costly if you don’t.

Make decisions quickly – Forget the “Once I” approach. eg. Once I get this done, THEN I’ll do that. Like the swoosh guys say, Just Do it! I used to wait until I had something just perfect. Not anymore. The key is to implement. A strategy, plan or program can always be tweaked as you go. Try to do your best but don’t become so obsessed with having things exactly right that your plan never gets off the launchpad.

Key to success – Be willing to risk failure. Can’t win if you’re not in the game.

Business is unpredictable – It’s impossible to plot every twist and turn. So, stop trying. Be alert. Make adjustments when necessary.

Focus on passion – The money will come. Success is all about attitude.

Always “Biggie” size the value you offer – Okay, ‘the millionaires ‘ didn’t say Biggie size but they did point out to always try and make sure the usefulness of whatever service you offer exceeds the money they pay for it.

Act on gut feelings – Have the courage to act on your intuition. I’ve often heard it said that women are much better at doing this than men. I have started to adopt this strategy with some encouraging results.

Don’t worry about what people think – Fear’s only enemy is ACTION. Fear of failure is something that all of us have to come to grips with. Don’t be afriad to make mistakes. And especially don’t worry about what others think. You’re flying the plane. Fly wherever YOU want.

Model yourself after someone – Find a mentor who is about 10-15 years older than you. They probably have ‘been there, done that’ and will be happy to share with you.

Only focus on highest paying activity – Most entrepreneurs spend 10-15% of their time on high-revenue producing activity. It should be 80%. Guilty as charged. If this is you, consider hiring a Virtual Assistant so you can focus on making creating value.

Parting Thought:

Once you define success, figure out what resources you need – the people, money and the plan.

You need to have a VISION of what you’re building. FOCUS on the results you want.
And, most importantly, take ACTION.


Like many things, simple but not easy.

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