Does this sound like you?

“I want to find hot prospects. And, when I find them, I want to convert them into paying customers as soon as I can.”

Of course it does!

It’s amazing how much time we spend thinking about new ideas for products and services (guilty) and how little we spend on the down and dirty work of figuring out where we can find more customers.

Why don’t we do it?

Because it’s intimidating. And, daunting. UNTIL that is, you actually roll up you sleeves and give it some thought.

Like so many things marketing, we resist sitting down and figuring stuff out. Who wants to learn how to fish. Just give me the fish!

That’s ok for some things but not when it comes to the lifeblood of your business – attracting new customers.

You need to get involved. Why? Because YOU are the expert in your business.

(I recently became a LeadPages customer and after spending a few days going through their tutorials, I was quite surprised at how much progress I made.)

Back to the starving crowd.

There are prospects who are searching for your products and services. They WANT you to find them.

And, with a bit of noodling, you can figure out where they are.

Suppose you owned an upscale woman’s boutique.

It might seem like a good idea to create a nice brochure or mailer and have it distributed locally within a 10- 20 mile radius of your shop.

No doubt, you would likely attract interest and make some sales. But there would also be a lot of people who had no interest at all.

However, if you sat down and really thought about who your ideal or “starving” crowds were, you might come up with ideas like these:

Professional women for whom looking stylish is essential. You might target the legal community and host an exclusive evening of fashion and style at your boutique. Encourage them to bring their friends. Not a retailer? The online equivalent of this would be to offer a webinar.

Affluent ladies who meet for lunch. You could do a fashion show at a local golf course and offer specials along with an invitation to visit your shop.

Women who are focused on losing weight. Not only will they need a new wardrobe, they will likely want to “reward” themselves for their significant accomplishment. You could contact/work with a weight loss clinic and put on a series of fashion events at your boutique to expose them to new ways to dress.

Influencers who market to your ideal target. Do a cross promotion with hair stylists or spa owners. Invite them to bring their clients along to an exclusive evening at your boutique.

Existing customers. Invite them to an evening of fashion where you unveil new products.

A targeted campaign to a “starving” crowd is likely to be far more effective than the brochure mailer shotgun approach.

Why not take a few minutes today and make a list of potential starving crowds for YOUR product or service?

You might just discover some new opportunities you hadn’t thought about.

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