As a professional copywriter and marketing consultant, I continually see a huge mistake marketers make with their website marketing.

They rely SOLELY on content to convert web visitors into buyers.

And when I say CONTENT, I mean CONTENT!

To many marketers, content is ah, er, well…content! Stuff about them. Their products. Their services. Self-serving blog posts. Blah. Blah. Blah.

In the past few years, I have watched the demand for “content” writers soar. 

And sure enough…out they come.

Oh…they can write content. ANYBODY with a computer and access to the internet can write content. Especially now that AI has appeared on the scene.

But often it’s just that…content. Page filling stuff. (don’t even get me started on 1,500 word blog posts for $25!) 

In many cases, there isn’t a hint of salesmanship in this content.

That’s cuz the writers don’t know how to sell and AI isn’t that great yet at writing SALES copy.

For that, you need an experienced professional – a direct response copywriter who combines emotion and logic that grabs the attention of prospects, creates a desire and compels them to want to know more or buy. 

The number of business owners who have told me their website isn’t generating any sales inquiries is endless.

As soon as I visit their site, it’s easy to see why.

The website look and feel is predictable. A template you’ve seen a million times. Big hero image. Those three little side by side boxes. Lots of colour. Different sized, multi-coloured fonts. Some formatting. A few stock photos that just take up space.

And virtually NOTHING as far as compelling copy is concerned…(IF there’s much copy at all!)

I can’t help thinking to myself…’And just what do you think is going to put you in position to make the sale?’

The fact that your site looks and sounds the same as your competitors? Or that you aren’t explaining the VALUE your prospects can expect to get by doing business with you?

There’s only ONE THING that is going to consistently convince your prospects to buy YOUR product or service.

To borrow from James Carville, the campaign strategist behind Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign against George H.W. Bush, ‘It’s the sales copy, marketer!’

Carville’s original phrase, ‘It’s the economy, stupid’, was meant for the internal audience of Clinton’s campaign workers as one of key three messages to focus on.

Get More Website Sales Leads With Sales Copy - Not Content

Here’s the point:

In the limited copy they DO use, far too many online marketers plaster it with the words “we, our and us”.

Your prospects don’t care about you!

However, if you help them understand WHY they should buy from you, you’ll give yourself a chance.

Sales copy is what converts web visitors into sales leads.

‘Oh,’ I can hear all the pearl clutching business owners saying, ‘that means more words.’

They have it tattooed in their minds that their prospects won’t take the time to read lots of copy. They’re too busy. They have short attention spans. They like their information in sound bite form.

That IS true for about 70% of your website visitors.

The thing many marketers fail to understand is that many of the visitors to their site or on the receiving end of their email marketing campaigns ARE NOT qualified prospects.

They aren’t going to buy anyway. No real need. No money. No authority. Just tire kicking. Whatever.

The copy and information on your web site is for the qualified prospect who has an immediate or future need, has the authority to buy, has the money to pay and is looking for reasons why he/she should buy from you.

They WILL (and do!) read longer copy because they want to make an educated buying decision. 

To convert qualified prospects into buyers, you need to use the same balance of emotion and logic and selling structure you would use if you were standing there talking to your potential customer.

If you are getting traffic but few sales results, take a look at the copy on your site from this new perspective.

Is it telling or SELLING?

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