Gerry Black is a B2B Online Marketing Strategist and Copywriter 

Hi! I’m a Canadian-based, online marketing and copywriting strategist with over 25 years of sales and marketing experience.

I work with small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals to help them identify the leaks, gaps and missing elements in their online and offline marketing that is costing them money.

My skills and experience were developed in the only environment that matters – in the marketplace working on the real-life challenges small business owners are confronted with.

The guidance I provide is focused on making sure my clients have the sales and marketing fundamentals in place that are based on proven, timeless principles and strategies that work.

Although I’ve worked with blue chip clients like Siemens, Kimberly Clark and Kenworth, I much prefer to to focus my efforts on helping small business owners how to increase their sales.

I’m the author The CLIC Website Sales Leads System – a step-by-step playbook designed to explain how to create a compelling online presence that converts lookers into clients and customers. Bob Bly, Best-Selling Author and the man McGraw Hill calls, “America’s top copywriter”  said this about CLIC:

‘I have read 100’s of eBooks over the years, and not always, but usually learn something from each and every one…including this one. Gerry shows you, in 4 easy steps, how to attract more website visitors, and convert more of them to paying lifetime customers. I found that Gerry’s writing style and explanation of strategies very easy to understand, and more importantly, easy to implement.’

I have presented marketing seminars for groups like Indigo Marketing – a firm that focuses on Financial Advisors. I’ve also been a guest on BlogTalk radio and created a marketing video for Small Today – a community of entrepreneurs and business owners looking for ways to generate more leads, sales and profit.

I write web copy, promotional emails, lead magnets, landing pages and and other online marketing materials clients need to sell their products and services to businesses.

Last year, I created Invisible Selling – a free, 3-video sales training mini-course drawn from the exact same system I use to help business owners who lack formal sales training close more sales.

Prior to becoming a marketing and copywriting strategist, I was an award-winning sales professional in the advertising industry. I hold a B.A. in journalism from Concordia University and was trained by American Writers and Artists (AWAI) as a direct response copywriter.


To schedule a free, no-obligation phone chat where we can talk about what’s going on in your business and how we can work together to increase your sales, call me at 905-716-7130 or email me at gerry@marketingwriter.ca


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