Frustrated Because Your Online Marketing Isn’t Delivering The Results You Want?

Focus Your Marketing Messaging On Your Prospect and Instantly Attract More Sales Leads 


Who I work with: Entrepreneurs, small business owners, coaches and business consultants who have had some success but they’re frustrated because their marketing isn’t producing more sales opportunities. If you’re like many clients I work with, you’re doing a lot of things right but there are some key online marketing elements where you need help. Could be your messaging isn’t “speaking + connecting” with your ideal target prospect. You might be lacking an organized selling story that leverages the timeless sales and marketing strategies that are proven to attract qualified prospects. It usually doesn’t take me long to identify the issues.

How I make a difference: I find out who your ideal target clients are and what makes them tick so we can focus the messaging in your online selling story on what THEY want. Many marketers sell their “stuff”. There’s no emotion in their copy. Prospects don’t need stuff. They need to know how their lives will be better because of their relationship with you. I also help you identify leaks, gaps and missing elements in your online and offline sales and marketing process that are costing you sales – sales that should be YOURS!

Why it works: Marketing and sales effectiveness isn’t rocket science. It’s based on proven sales and marketing principles that perform where it matters most – in the marketplace. Not the “bright shiny thing” stuff. These fundamentals have been around a long time. The fact is, if you don’t have the boring basics in place, your results will always be hit and miss.

What makes me different: In another life, prior to becoming a copywriter and marketing strategist, I was a successful sales professional in two very competitive fields – advertising sales and telecommunication. In short, I know how to sell – online and offline.

What’s The Next Step: Let’s discuss what’s going on in your business. Then, based on what I learn, I will send you some go-forward thoughts and you can decide what you want to do.


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Make More Money NOW!

Make More Money NOW!

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What My Clients Say

Our landing page conversion rate has increased by over 28% and we’re seeing sales results we had never imagined possible. – Lisa Borg, VP Marketing Life Clinics

“So far, the response from the sales letter you wrote has been 12.06% – that’s 25% over our projection!” – John Andresen, Wyers Direct

“We are now averaging 5-10 qualified leads per day based on the web copy you wrote for our site. It’s unbelievable. We were hardly getting any before.” – Elizabeth Gomes, Yonge-Eglinton Laser Eye Centre

“I wanted to let you know we had over 50 downloads of the insiders guide over the weekend and they just keep coming in! – Susan Milne, Epiphany Studios

“I don’t know what you’ve done but my newsletter sign ups have probably tripled!” – Mark Mitchell, Wizard Strategies

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