Fee Schedule



Web Copy:                                                                                                                      $950-$1,450/home page                                                                                                              Additional pages/$450-$575
Frequently-Asked-Questions (FAQ) Page: $950

Email Marketing:                                                                                                                      Welcome Campaign: 5-7 messages…$2,450 -$2,950                                                                  Sales Emails: $250-$450 per email…3-Pak…$950                                                                             

Webinar Script: $1,500-$2,500                                                                                                   Landing Page:…$950-$1,450                                                                                                      Online Sales Letter: $1,500 – $5,000+
Print Ad: $750-$1,250
e-Newsletter: set up, training, content for first issue   $2,750-$3,450
Lead Magnet: 4-6 pages of unique content  $1,750-$2,450
Blog posts: $250-$1,750
Feature Story: $2,750-$3,450
White Paper: 6 – 12 pages $3,500 – $5,500
Case Study: 1 – 3 pages $1,200 – $1,500
Press Release:  $750 – $950
Brochures: $450-$750/page

Initial 30 minute Phone Consultation: …FREE
Marketing / Advertising Strategy …$250/hour (minimum 3 hours total which can be broken into two 90-minute sessions)
Monthly Retainer: to be negotiated

Marketing + Competitive Research… $150/hour

Signed agreement required for all work.

Copywriting fees are payable 40% in advance, 30% at project midway point and 30% upon successful completion of project.

Copy critique fees and projects under $1,000 are payable in full, in advance via e-transfer.

Applicable taxes are not included in fees above.

Two sets of revisions are included in the quote, unless the revision is based on a change in the assignment made after first draft of copy has been submitted. All revisions must be requested within 20 days after copy has been submitted.

A website page is defined as up to two screens in length. 

A 50% “Kill” fee is payable should client decide to stop project after work has begun.

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