A Sure Way To Torpedo Your Email Sales Messages

Just felt like a little mini-rant here.

Got an email from a company today wanting me to consider buying their new CD-ROM. (I’ve changed the names but you’ll get the picture.)

Here’s how it started  (and ended as far as I was concerned):

Dear Gerry Black,

Joe Smith, President and CEO of CDPro has just released a brand new CD-ROM that every service professional must see.  Smith says, “It’s the lowest priced CD-ROM we’ve ever released, with prices as low as $1.79 each.”

It’s called “3 Questions Every So & So Must Ask.”

Learn all about it by Clicking Here

This approach is going nowhere except on a fast track to Clicksville.

Here’s why:

Red Flag #1: The double-barrelled name in the salutation couldn’t telegraph it any clearer that this is coming from some list.  No warm and fuzzy here.

Red Flag #2: The first line informs me that Joe Smith, President and CEO has something I must see. Now, is the guy’s title supposed to make me instantly reach into my jeans and pull out my wallet? Never mind that. It’s not even Joe Smith writing the email! It’s being sent on his behalf!! Don’t know about you but I think I know a little bit already about how things run around Joe’s place if he doesn’t get his way.

Red Flag #3: The email goes on to reveal…It’s the lowest priced CD-ROM we’ve ever released. As low as $1.79. Wow, there’s a compelling reason to spend more of my life learning about a product. It’s the cheapest they’ve ever offered!

C’mon. This is hucksterism. To be fair, the email did contain some potential ways this CD might be able to improve my life but they were  at the bottom where  most people will never see them. They will be long gone.

If the company had started the email with an indication about how their product could help me, then they have a chance. But when a marketer opens up beating his chest, he throws away an opportunity to generate a sale his product may have earned.

OK. I’m done. Thanks. Back to work!

Gerry Black is a Marketing Writer based in Toronto, Canada
and serving clients in the U.S. and Canada.

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