Don't Make Your Prospect Work To "Get" You!

The other day I was sitting around with my wife, my son, his girlfriend and my sister-in-law watching TV.

Centre-stage: an animal-themed standup routine by Ricky Gervais.

Now, if you have seen Ricky perform, especially on cable or in person, you know he doesn’t stand on ceremony.

Political correctness? Forget it! NOTHING is sacred.

He’s not everyone’s cup of tea to be sure, But, as far as I’m concerned, an all-Ricky channel would be fine with me. And based on his popularity, I’d  have plenty of fellow subscribers.

Anyhow, everyone in the room is howling for the better part of an hour as Ricky transforms the mundane into hilarity.

There’s no HOPING on Ricky’s part that he’ll be funny. All the heavy lifting has all been done long before he ever hits the stage. He knows his audience and he knows himself.

When it was over, the inevitable “whaddya wanna watch now?” surfaced.

By now, it’s me, my sister-in-law and Canada’s happiest couple still watching. Mrs. Black had a cold and bailed. 

(BTW, is just me or does every row on Netflix have three or four of the same movies regardless of the genre?) 

Eventually Matt suggests we watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

And for the next 30 minutes, everyone was laughing – except me. I just didn’t get it. I had to force myself to look for the laughs and frankly, it was a brutal – for me.

Could barely wait for it to end.

This same disconnect happens when prospects come in contact with your marketing message and it doesn’t mesh with their wants and expectations.

They will “leave the room” and either end up doing nothing or, find someone else who can give them what they want.

Picture your prospects clicking onto your message expecting and wanting to be entertained and given obvious reasons why you’re the best solution to his problem.

As marketers we must never forget that our 

Make sure you give them one.

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