Why are we so quick to slap a knowledgeable and competent seal of authority on someone because they know stuff we don’t?

Don’t you have to EARN anything today?

I had a client who would refer to me as his “marketing guru.”

And I cringed every time he did it.

Why? Because I spend lots of time and effort trying to demonstrate to my clients why I’m different and how I can make a difference.

These days, gurus are a dime a dozen.

Self-published an ebook on copywriting you cobbled together from stuff on the internet? Copywriting Guru. Got a web designer to stick 17 social media icons on your website? Social Media Guru. (what is Dribbble anyway?)

My little Oxford Dictionary defines guru as “Hindu spiritual teacher; influential or revered teacher.

Now, I’m sure that if an actual Hindu spiritual teacher heard my client call me a marketing guru,
he’d dismiss me as a complete fraud in a New York minute.

Marketing is not rocket science.

• Create a compelling message.
• Identify a target audience.
• Deliver the message to the audience.

Do you really need a guru for that?

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