Smart marketers know most prospects have no idea how they make a difference so they make sure it’s easy for potential customers to buy from them.

How do they do it?

By understanding the golden rule and making sure they follow it.

Prospects don’t like to be sold. But they love to buy.

And that’s where many marketers leave them hanging by not giving them something specific to say yea or nay to or, at least, consider.

Example: You’re a business owner in the market for a coach. Never had one before. No idea what it costs. Or even how coaching works.

You come across two coaching sites:

Site A has a Jumpstart Your Business in 30 Days video. An About Us PARAGRAPH with mostly credential blah blah. And, the following totally intimidating offer to “Give me a call at such and such a number and let’s talk about your business. There is no charge for this time with me.”

Site B also has an About Us page that explains why the coach got into the business. In addition, she lists 3 or 4 specific coaching packages along with pricing and what the prospect gets for their investment. There’s a story you can relate to and learn from.

Who are you more likely to consider contacting? A mysterious stranger who really hasn’t told you anything? Or a real person who gives you a leg up on understanding how things work?

Bottom line: Most prospects want to feel somewhat informed before they’ll pick up a phone and call for more information.

Are you giving your prospects something to mull over?

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