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Email Marketing: Your direct pipeline to profit

Facing increased competition, rising costs, and a challenging economic environment, no one knows better than you how critical it is to find effective ways to attract and retain customers.

But where do you find a marketing tool that lets you…

   …Stay top of mind with your customers so that when they need help, they immediately turn to you?

   …Continuously reinforce the quality of your services and your own professional expertise?

   …Provide your customers with easy ways to refer you and your business to their friends and family?

   …Establish your business as the premiere provider of products and services for years and years to come?

Thankfully, it’s right under your nose: Email.

Email Marketing is Easy to Use and Extremely Cost-Effective

An experienced email copywriter can use this incredibly powerful marketing tool to revolutionize your business.

Used properly, email has the power to literally transform your business in many incredible ways.

And almost ANY business can get huge benefits by making an email marketing program an important part of its marketing efforts.

Real estate professionals, dentists, fitness trainers, financial advisors – you name it – email’s power to generate leads and sales knows no boundaries.

It‟s not designed to replace any other marketing effort – instead, it provides a very cost-effective, yet extremely powerful, complement to your existing strategy.

With the “content marketing” revolution in full swing, savvy business owners are taking advantage by using email marketing as a stealth strategic weapon. 

Email Marketing Hammers Social Media in the ROI Department

Shocker, huh?

But it’s true.

Social media – especially the way many marketers do it – is fun and makes it seem like you’re doing something constructive.

No wonder. A quick check of the numbers reveals: Facebook boasts over 1 billion active users per month and Twitter sees over 255 million.

Don’t get me wrong: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are great for to directing readers to a landing page with an email capture box that “sells” them on why they should subscribe to your list.

But for ROI – money in your jeans – social media can’t touch email marketing.

According to Radicati, the total number of worldwide email accounts was 3.9 billion in 2013, and projected to be 4.9 billion by 2017.

That’s three times more email accounts – than Facebook and Twitter accounts combined!

But here’s the real insight:

The organic reach on Facebook – the number of your fans who actually see your posts in their newsfeed – is only 6%.

With open rates for email marketing messages generally in the 17% – 30% range – your message is 3-5 times more likely to be seen through email than Facebook.

Email “click through rates” (CTRs) are generally in the 3% range while the CTR on Tweets rarely exceeds 0.5%.

Bottom line: You’re 6x more likely to get a click-through from email than you are from Twitter.

See for yourself.

A Few Basic Email Marketing Tips…

Make your emails text only – don‟t use HTML formatting. Text works great.

Use a 55-65 hard break then hit carriage return. Longer text strings won‟t wrap neatly.

Come up with a unique signature that fits your personality.

Always look for other ways to reuse emails. You can use them as blog posts. You can submit them as articles to article directories. You can even send them out on postcards as direct mail!

Now, Here’s A Real Insider Secret… Personalize

Always remember… in all your emails, the primary product that you are selling is YOU! By coming across as a real person as well as an expert, you are letting your customers in on your life. Over time, they will actually become your fans.

Just think about Ellen or Oprah and learn… they often begin their shows with a little story about what‟s going on in their lives right then. They don’t brag about something, instead they reveal little insights that suggest they’re regular people – just like everyone else.

Talk about your hobbies, the things you do in your off hours. If you‟re a golfer, tell a story about your last venture on the links. If you fix up old cars, give folks a peek under the hood of your latest project.

Reveal a bit about your family life, the stuff you do together, special celebrations like birthdays, graduation, etc.

Getting Your Emails Opened

Your success or failure as an email marketer is dependent firstly upon getting your subscribers to open your emails.

Don’t over-complicate this. Just follow these basic Subject Line “DOs and DON’Ts”:

Stay away from the appearance of SPAM. Certain subject lines just look like SPAM. They make outrageous claims. THEY USE ALL CAPS. They have exclamation marks bleeding off into the horizon!!!!!!!!! They try to get your @ttention with symbols and so forth. The surest way to get your email deleted is to resemble the one thing that every person who has an email address hates … SPAM.

Avoid the use of $$$$ and @@@ and other symbols. Yes, it will draw attention to your email … just enough attention for your subscriber to click you into oblivion quicker than you can say “Delete button.”

Keep it under 50 characters.The shorter you can convey your subject line message, the better. Depending on how your recipient has their “inbox” configured, they may miss out on anything past 50 characters.  the interface and configuration of your subscribers‟ inbox, they may miss out on any information that comes after the 50 character mark. Hit them with your best shot up front and keep it as short as possible.

Never mislead your subscribers. Whatever you do, avoid trickery. Don‟t get your subscribers to open your email under false pretenses. It might work once. But it won‟t work twice … because they‟ll no longer be on your list!

Don’t be “all business.” So many emails today use boring, uninteresting and uninspiring subject lines. You want your subscriber or recipient to be interested enough to open your email and read it. Boring won’t get you there.

OK, you got your email opened…now what?

Here are The Main Elements of a Five Star Email

⇒  A Clear, Attention-Grabbing Email Subject Line

⇒  Actual Person as the Sender

⇒ Personalized Content

⇒ Value Proposition

⇒ Clear, Focused Call-To-Action

⇒ Social Sharing Buttons

⇒ Secondary Call-to-Action (P.S.)

⇒ Link to Privacy Policy

⇒ Unsubscribe Link

To learn more about I can help you leverage the tremendous selling power of email marketing, call me at 905-716-7130 or use my Contact Page.

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