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Is this you…

You have marketing materials but you aren’t happy with your ROI. Your online and offline marketing isn’t generating the results you want.

You realize your marketing materials need to work harder than ever  in today’s crowded, noisy marketplace to allow you to attract a steady stream of qualified sales leads.

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As a Marketing Strategist/Copywriter, it’s my job to use proven formulas and carefully chosen words to attract your prospects’ attention, spark interest, stimulate desire so they take action on your most-wanted response (MWR). That could be to download a free report, sign up for your e-newsletter or call you on the phone.

Copywriting needs I can help you with:

•    Web Copywriting/Landing Pages •    Direct response sales letters •    Email Marketing •    Display Advertising •    Press Releases •    Case studies •    Testimonial Development •    Articles •    Free Reports / Business Booklets •    White Papers 

Here’s the next step:

Let’s have a complimentary discussion about how you can attract more qualified prospects.

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Gerry Black is a marketing writer based in Toronto, Canada who works with clients in the U.S. and Canada.  

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