Copy Critique

Copywriting Critique  

Make Sure Your Copy Is Written to Produce Sales 

My Copy Critique Service provides an objective review of your home page, a landing page, a sales letter, e-mail marketing campaign, or direct mail package. You can have me critique either an existing piece OR a draft of copy in progress. Your choice.

When you order a Copy Critique, you’ll get a detailed, written report that analyzes your copy in detail. I tell you what’s good about it and what works, what doesn’t work, what should be changed… and how.

My critique covers copy, design, strategy, and offer. It also includes specific directions for copy revisions and rewriting, although I do not write or rewrite copy for you under this arrangement. It also enables you to sample my copywriting services at far less cost than you’d pay to have me write your copy from scratch.

Your Copywriting Critique Investment: 

Depending on your requirements, the fee for a Copy Critique ranges from $350.00 – $500.00.

Next Step:

Not quite sure whether your copy is strong enough to do the sales job?  Call me at 905-716-7130 today and let’s discuss how my Copy Critique Services can help you eliminate mistakes, strengthen headlines and sales copy so you’ll see better results from your marketing efforts. 

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