I think we’d all agree that GRABBING a prospect’s attention today has become one of the toughest marketing challenges.

You can drone on and on about how you have the latest and greatest. 

But guess what? So does EVERYBODY else! How is your prospect supposed to pick YOU out from the crowd? 

So let’s start down this road to more conversions by accepting some realities about your prospects.

Reality #1: They do not care about you. Or your family. Your monthly sales quota. How you’re feeling. The fact that you lost your dog last week. None of it.

They are interested in themselves. 

Reality #2: Here’s what they want: Love. Happiness. Distraction. Wealth. Comfort. Security. To feel special. To be acknowledged.

That’s pretty much it.

Now, after you pick yourself up off the floor with this sobering understanding of how little your prospects care about you, take a hard look at the list of things they ARE interested in. Back to this in a sec.

Reality #3: The only interest they have in your product or service is how it will deliver what they want.

How can you use your product or service to deliver something on that list?

Really give this some thought. It’s likely you can deliver more than one benefit.

Now, here’s the game changer strategy. Focusing on what your prospects want instead of what you want to push at them will change everything! 

Once you know what benefit your product or service will deliver to qualified prospects, all you have to do is tell them.

That benefit and how it will change their lives is the FIRST thing you want them to see when they arrive on your website.

Not stuff about how you’re a great listener. Or that you’ll tailor your solution to their needs. Not your affordable packages. Or that you’re going to unlock their potential.

Nope. Trust me, as soon as they see that, they’re gone!

Here’s all you have to do to get more prospects to pay attention to your selling story:

Aim your message at something they want that you can deliver.

Now, of course, it will depend on your offering. 

Here’s an example:

I teach marketers how to use online marketing to attract more qualified prospects and close more sales.

So I could “talk” about the fact that I’m a copywriter and marketing strategist and that I’ve helped hundreds of clients grow their businesses.

But guess what…

Instead, I focus on the problem I know they have that they don’t want AND the result they want but don’t yet have. 

Simply put, my messaging needs to focus on the conversation already taking place in my prospects’ heads. (Hint: It involves the problem they carry around with them.)

Remember, whatever product or service you offer, you are a problem solver.

That’s the mindset you want to bring to your online messaging. 

So, here’s what someone sees first when they come to my home page:

                 Frustrated because your online marketing                    isn’t delivering the results you want? 

                          Focus Your Marketing Messaging On Your Prospect and                                                               Instantly Attract More Sales Leads 

Insider Secret: Only about 17%-23% of your web visitors will be qualified prospects. That’s who your message should be targeted to. When I start working with new clients, they’re concerned about being too narrow with their message. ‘We’ll miss out on other opportunities they say.’

That’s when I explain they want to be as specific as possible so when their REAL prospects visit the site, the message will resonate.

So using this approach will not necessarily close the sales for you. That’s the job of the online selling story you create using your web copy and emails.

But it will get more potential clients or customers to actually stop and give you a chance to explain why you’re qualified to help them solve their problem.

Remember, if you don’t get their attention, you can’t hope to make a sale.


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