Cleaned Out Your Online Closet Lately?

Recently, my assistant was doing some work on my website and sent me an email asking me about a bunch of pages I had “parked” behind the scenes in my WordPress site’s backend.

She had typed a shortcut URL to get to my blog and ended up in a cyber junkyard I had created over the years.

Half-baked thank you pages, semi-finished download pages, test pages etc. I thought this stuff was hidden away out of public view.


Here I am trying to present myself as a professional not realizing that with an errant keystroke someone could stumble upon a not-ready-for-prime-time sales page loaded with typos.

Anyhow, I went into my WordPress site on the weekend to add a Problems We Solve page and, truth be told, was shocked at what I found.

First off, my navigation bar titles badly needed some attention. As in, just a little tightening up. Back in 2004 when I hung out my shingle full-time, I didn’t exactly have much of a story.

I saw writing nav bar titles that contained 3 or 4 words as a way to create more content. Enough said. Got that cleaned up.

Then, I turned my sights on how my web pages were organized. Clearly done back in my “just stick it up there” days. As if, “Testimonials” REALLY needs its own tab when I’ve got them plastered all over the place in plain view. Boom. Slid that along with some other stuff under the About tab.

From there, I started in on the actual pages. Now, my site has 54 pages and 118 blog posts. (Not all of the pages are “live”, of course.) But, upon further inspection, I realized that two of the services I have on there I no longer offer!

Oh yeah, the 2014 Copywriting Fee Schedule stood out a bit.

Those were the major issues I discovered. What about you? Could YOU benefit from an online “Spring Cleaning?”

Think about it. Your business is growing and changing. Your online presence should reflect that.

And you can apply the same thinking to your marketing practices.

Maybe it’s time to reassess the strategies you’re using to see if they could use an overhaul?

Here’s a service I offer that can get jumpstart your sales. Check it out here.

And, if you decide to take advantage of it, I’ll let you do so using my “pre-cleanup” rate from last year that is 10% off the current published rate. Deadline for the discount is a week Friday, October 16.

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