OK. I admit it. I’m a bit of an old school guy. But I’m not afraid to take things on.

My latest quest: learning how to use Facebook.

Did Linked In. Twitter. But I’ve have been dragging my behind when it comes to Facebook.

I kinda felt like everyone in the world was using Facebook and knows it inside out – except me.

Intuitively, I know that isn’t true but I had made that my truth for awhile and the time has come to learn the real truth.

My problem with Facebook has always been…

I find it fast moving, almost chaotic and things just seem to appear for no reason. I’ve got friends I don’t know. (My fault because I guess I “liked” them at some point as part of a feeble attempt to be part of the tribe.)

There are pictures. Graphics. Copy. Sometimes they’re on the right. Then, the left. It’s like a rolling sea of “stuff”.

I’m a fairly quick study but Facebook can seem so random when you’re on the outside looking in.

As part of my research, I decided to engage my sister-in-law and my wife as a way to get my feet wet. My sister-in-law and her husband have a fan page for their business so I thought I’d get some insights.

After a few questions from me, it became clear – neither of them were all that sure how Facebook worked. They knew how to do what they wanted and that insight made me realize why I was feeling so overwhelmed.

I was trying to take on the Mighty Facebook – the social media network giant – all in one fell swoop.

And that, my friend, is the message today. Know what you want and then make it happen – one step at a time. That way, you won’t get overwhelmed.

My big “ah ha” moment…? I don’t need to know Facebook inside out. Just how to use it for connecting with my clients so I can serve them by sharing thoughts and exchanging ideas.

Like the old joke goes…Q: How do you eat and elephant?…A: One bite at a time.

Yesterday I learned the difference between my fan page and my profile. Doesn’t sound like a big deal – to someone who knows Facebook.

But to a newbie, it IS a big deal. I made some progress and it felt good.

That little small victory made me want to take the next step. For some odd reason, the next step always seems to magically appear. I was excited because I felt like I had moved the needle. (granted, it was only from duh to hmmmmm but…..)

Later in the day, I watched a video by a self-proclaimed Facebook expert. Even she admitted to feeling a bit confused since Facebook changed things around.

Sure you may need to outsource some marketing and admin stuff. But it’s good to push yourself sometimes to learn things so you don’t have to rely on others.

That puts control in YOUR hands.

Hop on over to my Facebook page (isn’t that what they pros say?) and tell me about a time when you were stumped by something, didn’t give up , finally figured it out . How did you feel? Sense of accomplishment? Courage to take on other challenges?

Head over to my Facebook page and let me know!

Talk soon!

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