B2B LinkedIn Profile

Rewrite Your B2B LinkedIn Profile

If your LinkedIn profile is all about you, you’re missing out. 

Especially if your objective is to attract new business opportunities. 

Whether you’re looking to attract potential clients and customers or grow your professional audience and network, a LinkedIn Profile that puts readers first will increase your ROI.

LinkedIn has become a very powerful B2B sales tool for those who know how to present their offering in a compelling way.

Your LinkedIn profile needs to be “prospect facing” and all about explaining how you can help a specific, targeted audience of potential customers and clients achieve their goals by using your product or service.

My LinkedIn profile writing service includes:

  • Review of your existing LinkedIn profile
  • Identifying your value proposition
  • Creating an optimized, targeted headline 
  • Providing you with a professionally written LinkedIn Profile that attracts opportunities 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: 60-90 minute Discovery Session

During our initial discovery call (via Zoom or phone), we will discuss your objectives, your ideal target prospect, the services/product you offer and the unique value you offer. We’ll use this understanding to create a compelling profile that helps you stand out from your competitors. Because you’re so close to your business, you may not be able to see important characteristics, qualities and benefits a trained professional is able to pick up on.   

Step 2: Review your LinkedIn Profile Draft

You’ll receive a written draft of your profile to review to make sure it presents you in the way you want to be portrayed.   

Step 3: Revisions

Based on your feedback, I will make any necessary edits/changes until you are happy with the finished result.

Your new LinkedIn Profile will be ready in a week. 

Fee: $750.00 plus applicable taxes

Although I do not “build” your profile on the LinkedIn platform under this arrangement, you will receive direction on EXACTLY how to recreate it using your LinkedIn edit feature. I will also be providing you with additional tips and strategies you can use to maximize your ROI. 

Next Step: 

Call me at 905-716-7130 or email me at gerry@marketingwriter.ca to book your B2B LinkedIn profile rewrite today!

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