I hate shopping – for just about anything.

But when I need something, I head straight for the mall.

Why? Because shopping at the mall is easy.

There’s tons of stuff and zero brain work involved.

I go from store to store, look for stuff I need or want,  check the price and either buy it or I keep looking.

What’s does this have to do with your business?

Well, if you want to sell more products and services – EVERYTHING.

Ask yourself this question.

Can your customers BUY from you? Can they go on your website, look at your products and services, check the price and make a buying decision?

You might be tempted to answer with something along the lines of ‘Sure they can.’

But can they actually decide they want something you offer – without the need to call you up and ask a question?

If you’re like many marketers, the answer is no.

Why? Because you aren’t presenting your prospect with a complete offer.

Now, I’m not suggesting you have to package up every product or service as a complete offer.

However, if you want to sell more, you may want to consider creating and presenting some offers that your prospects and customers can look at, consider and actually go, “I want that.

Take me, for example. As a direct response copywriter, I offer a fairly wide range of services. I have a complete list of services on my site along with price ranges under my Copywriting Services tab.

That’s okay for people who regularly work with copywriters but for some, it’s not enough.

For them, I include an easy-to-see graphic on my website that presents ‘6 Ways I Can Help You Attract New Clients – FAST!

When you click on the “6 Ways” graphic, it takes you to an easy-to-read chart that lists the individual services, who each is designed for, what you get and what it costs.

That’s MY shopping mall.

When people go on the internet to shop, they are parking and going into the virtual mall. They are conditioned to shop online the same way they shop offline. (apologies to the e-comm crowd for the simplification)

Whaddya got for me? What do I get? How much does it cost?

One of the primary reasons this works so well in the bricks and mortar world is that it makes it very easy for potential customers to make a buying decision.

If you want to sell more via your website, try making up some complete offers of your own and present them clearly for your prospects and customers to see.

You’ll be happy with the results.

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