Many business owners want to convert more online visitors into prospects but are confused about how to do it.

Sometimes this confusion creates such an overwhelming feeling they give up trying.

That’s a shame because learning how to convert more online visitors into prospects is one of the most important – and profitable – activities you can do.

Look, it’s natural to struggle while you’re learning how to convert more online visitors into sales leads.

But once you commit to figuring out how to do it, the sky’s the limit!

So, where should you start looking for ways to convert more online visitors into prospects?

There are 5 main areas to focus on for higher conversion rates:

And these aren’t from the “bright, shiny thing” file. These timeless, proven marketing strategies are behind every successful sales lead generation system.

5 Ways To Generate More Online Marketing Sales Inquiries

1. Have a unique, compelling marketing message

 How can you stand out from your competition? What makes you unique, special or memorable? How can you give clients or customers an advantage they can’t get elsewhere?

What issue, pain point, problem or challenge are your prospects facing that they want to eliminate or address? Then, think about the results you can produce that would help them solve the problem or address the issue in a way that’s different or better than your competitors?

2. Identify your ideal target prospect

The next step in generating more sales inquiries from your online marketing is to develop a clear understanding of your ideal target prospect.

Who do you serve? Or, who do you WANT to serve? Create a detailed profile of your ideal target customer.

What do they want or need? How do you know what your ideal target customers want? Just think of what your current customers want. You know them inside out.

Then, tailor all your messaging to “speak to” the wants and needs instead of going on and on about your services and products. BORING! Help them see HOW your products and services will change their lives.

3. Use an attention grabbing headline

Make sure your home page and landing pages telegraph a clear benefit the reader can expect to enjoy if they give you a bit of time to tell your marketing story. For emails, the headline is the subject line. In the case of blog posts, your headline is the title. 

Your headline should focus on presenting a solution that addresses your prospect’s main problem.

Why is this so critical? Because that’s what prospects use to decide whether or not to keep reading your copy.

Million dollar tip: Very few prospects will move deeper into your message UNLESS a headline strongly implies it will be worth the time and effort.

Use this link to get a post I wrote that will give you a blueprint for generating sales leads from your website.

4. Write from your prospect’s point of view

Go to your website and count the number of times you use the words we, our and us on your home page. Then, count the number of times you use you and your.

If you’re like many marketers, the answer is likely to be a landslide in favour of the former. And THAT is costing you money.

Prospects have no interest in you until you demonstrate an interest in them. Just think about the last time you were forced to stand there while someone waxed on and on about themselves? Eye-roller, right?

Go back to your copy and rewrite it from your prospect’s point of view.

Here’s a simple example: Instead of writing “our customer service is excellent”, try writing it this way: “you’ll be amazed at how our customer service will save you time and money.”

5. Include a call-to-action (CTA)

At the end of every piece of marketing copy, include a compelling call to action (CTA). This is where you ask the prospect to take the next step in your selling process.

Mark this down and keep it where you can see it EVERY time you write marketing and sales copy:

You need to tell your prospect what you want him to do next. Download a free report? Give you a call?

You might think, geez, if they’re interested, won’t they give me a call? No, they won’t. They’ll drift away and take their checkbook with them.

Once you have lead your prospects through your copy, you MUST tell them what the next step is.

Getting more sales inquiries from your online marketing is one the most cost-effective ways to attract clients and customers.

And, when you are able to convert more online visitors into customers, you are helping your prospects get what they want which is the reason you’re in business in the first place.

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