Are you happy with your website?

Or inside, are you secretly thinking it’s just like the ones your competitors have – BORING!

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Don’t be too hard on yourself though. The majority of websites are terrible. Period. And I’m including businesses who have paid LOTS of money to have self-proclaimed professionals handle their web design.

The result? Websites that don’t inspire. Or educate.

Here are 5 features you should add to your website today to give yourself a more professional, more unique website marketing approach and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

5 Easy Ways To Put “Selling Power” Into Your Website

A Meaningful About Us Page

Why is it so many companies create About Us pages that tell you nothing about the people that stand behind a product or service? People buy from people. Without a personal touch, you have zero chance of establishing a relationship of trust that must be there before your prospect will even start to consider buying from you let alone making an investment of any significance.


Today’s prospect wants information that will help him make a solid buying decision. For most marketers, a blog offers the perfect solution. If you haven’t embraced it yet, get on board with blogging now – before your competitors gain even more ground on you.

Blogging has become about as important as anything else in the marketing of your business. Without it, you’ll never be seen as a plugged in innovator in your industry. Blogging is your fastest route to increased profits.

Lead Capture Form

Today, business is all about lead capture. Your website must have the ability to capture your prospects’ contact information so that YOU have a way to continue to marketing to them. And, because you have no way of knowing what page your prospect may be moved to take the next step in his buying process, you should have some type of lead capture form on every web page. Page.


Just like lead capture should be on just about every page of your website, so should your testimonial. Social proof – independent endorsement from happy customers and industry players – is a powerful buying motivator.

Simply having a Testimonial page is not enough. This type of evidence that you can deliver should be in plain view on every page of your website so it can be easily seen by an interested prospect.

Cost and Pricing

Many businesses don’t make mention of anything about pricing on their website. Big mistake. Here’s why: Every prospect eventually is going to want to know, ‘How much does it cost?’ when they’re researching a product or service. If your website doesn’t include such information, they’ll likely look and find it elsewhere.

You don’t have to give exact pricing but you do want to give a range. Paint a picture for your prospect that helps him understand the approximate investment. This addresses two objectives: First, and most importantly, it gives your prospect what he wants. Second, it weeds out those who can’t afford your product or service BEFORE you spend time on the phone that benefits no one.

These are just some of the ways you can transform your website into a valuable selling tool.

If you have any questions or comments about them, please leave your thoughts below or email me directly.

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