When I talk to business owners and entrepreneurs, many have a common complaint.

“I’m getting traffic but no sales.”

When I hear that, I visit their websites and, in almost all cases, can immediately spot the problem.

They are making their visitors work way too hard to figure them out. 

Their online messaging isn’t written to quickly grab attention, emotionally engage the reader and letting them know what to do next.

Almost every prospect who visits your site arrives with the following conversation taking place in his/her mind:

There’s a problem they have that they don’t want…and there’s a solution they want that they don’t have.

Think about that.

Your prospects are LOOKING for solutions to their problems. They are primed to buy. 

All you have to do it is let them – in a way gets their attention, makes them believe you can deliver and makes it easy for them to take the next step in your selling process. 

Here are 3 tips you can implement immediately that should put you in position to convert more web visitors into profits.

Business Owner Tip #1: Use Headlines and Sub-Headlines.

Your headline is the first thing prospects should see when they visit your website. And it MUST address the problem your prospects have that they don’t want. Why? Because that tells prospects you ‘get it.’ You understand them. You know what they want. The role of your sub-headline is to suggest you can deliver the solution your prospect wants but hasn’t found yet. 

The message to your prospect: Hey, if you have this problem, I have a solution.’


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Business Owner Tip #2: Make It Easy For Your Prospect To Buy.

Focus on how your product or service can change your prospect’s life. Get them “seeing” how life will be so much better as a result of their relationship with you. Most prospects buy EMOTIONALLY first. That is to say, they visualize the benefits of having a solution to a problem they’ve got. Explain why you have the best solution for them. 

Once you have “hooked” your reader on why they’d be crazy not to do business with you, back up their emotional buying decision by helping them see the logic in going with you. Social proof in the form of testimonials and case studies is the most powerful because it is independent third part evidence that you can deliver. Refer to your experience and length of time in business (if applicable) to further send a message that you are the real deal. 

Business Owner Tip #3: Use A Call To Action. 

Here’s a universal marketing truth you need to be aware of: Most first-time visitors to your website will not buy. Why? Because they want to get to know you before they reach into their pocket to give you their hard-earned money. They want you to earn their business. 

So what do you do? Create a non-intimidating offer that gives them a chance to get to know you and the value you offer. A free report, guide or online course. Anything of value that earns you a chance to get their email address so you can keep the marketing relationship going.

The 4-step process detailed above is based on timeless, proven strategies and fundamentals – not the “latest” guru BS somebody has trotted out.

Get your prospects attention, show you are the real deal and make an irresistible offer.

That’s the key to generating more website sales leads.

Now, apply what you’ve just learned against your website. If your messaging isn’t following the formula, change it so that it does.

If you found this helpful, here’s another resource you might like. It details the 7 questions online prospects want answered before they buy from you.

Get it here.


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